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  1. https://www.facebook.com/mfilipowitsch/
  2. Hey Guys - here are some up coming dates for you. This is for both my solo stuff, as well as, my Grateful Dead infused project "Burt's Cat is Dead". BCD focuses on early to mid 70's inspired dead. March 4th - Stop, Drop and Roll, Toronto (BCD) April 14th - The Casbah, Hamilton (BCD May 6th - The Horseshoe (with Eat a Peach - Allmans Tribute) - (BCD) ***still a bit tentative May 27,28 - Living Roots Festival, Fredricton, NB (Mike Solo thingy) June 10th - Junction City Music Hall, Toronto (BCD) As for Burt Neilson - I played with Jeff the other night and we are on it, we talked about it, and everyone is in. That being said, we are kinda more interested in a few low key Dakota shows - nothing to big. We want a nice relaxed atmosphere so we can have fun!!! So stay tuned for those...they will be announced most likely at short notice And, if you want me to play in say Ottawa, or anywere acoustic...find me a place and I am available most weekends! I'm back baby! Regards, Mike
  3. I heard a rumour before playing a show in Hamilton that this site and forum was in fact still here! This is great to see! Regards, Mike
  4. Hey all, I put some of the tracks I recorded up on CBC radio 3. tracks from Little Disasters...done in a week, and telling the story of open skies, solitude and all those other wonder things associated with life up here lol http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/Mike-Filipowitsch cheers, Mike
  5. I produced it with the help of studio engineer and owner David Angell...we had a good time, and became fast friends for sure...it was my first time meeting him. As for who played..I did all the guitar stuff and some bass, Dave played Bass on some songs...got some killer back-up vocals from a very talented guy Jamie Smith, who plays in a band called the Auditor General up here in the bay...he has quite the range and his voice matched well with mine. Drums were a combination of Tyler Miller and a guy named Rob...who I had just met when he came in the studio...he was the studio go-to-guy and he did impress....
  6. Hey All, I just wanted to let people know that I just finished up my first solo effort called "little disasters" I did it at a nice little studio up in Thunder Bay called Dining Room studio's, and we hammered out 8 songs in a week...fast, but I just wanted to capture a moment. Track list: Northern Skies Last Time Little Disasters Memories Like Movies Flesh, Blood and Life Open, Fields and Skies Siberia I think it pretty much sums up the northern experience from a Southern Ontario guy...taking it on tour out west in about a week...and i think I have one show in Ottawa in August... If anyone is interested in hearing it, or buying it...let me know...or help me figure out how to sell online..lol Just wanted to share...I am excited that I was able to do this little project! Cheers, Mike Filipowitsch
  7. That is what I was getting at...i thought they would be around on and off for a long time...
  8. We tried making it "official" before, so have many other bands over the years...I can understand why a band might decide to choose to do this. One reason being to allow themselves to close one book and begin to write another one. However, after having tried this, and reflected upon it. I feel that if you are in a band, and not doing much, and you all still get along, then just let it rest and play when you can. Cause, chances are, if you are all still friends that you will want to get together and play in the future... ...unless you are trying to milk the reunion show, which I am sure we have done as well. Okay, I am rambling. I guess, in a round about way what I am trying to say is, good luck to the JSB boys, we have known then for a long time, played our first Halifax show with PF Station. Additionally, I would like to say that BNB is officially going to keep on keeping on until they officially outlaw rock n' roll music, or our society gets to the place where everyone is wearing the matching silver jumpsuits with the big V around the neck..cause obviously at that point we will be much to busy visiting other planets as a team... In related news, I have a new record coming out in June... Peace out JSB, and thanks for the great times, memories. m
  9. ***BUMP*** Excited for this...fly in Tomorrow for a bunch of shows, starting with this one. I just got an email from the promoter and he notified me that the show starts at 9pm. Sorry its a bit later, but it should not go very much past 11pm...so still relatively early no? Hope to see some of you from the area there! Cheers Mike
  10. ...but I do like the site you suggested
  11. I do not like your grammar Jeff
  12. I am enjoying this record quite a bit...very relaxed, and grows on you with every listen. Been hearing and reading a lot of negative reactions about this record...which is a bit surprising - thought fans of this band enjoyed when they stepped outside the box. Who cares if it is not "their greatest record to date"...they made a new one.
  13. I was in rehab? that explains the early wake-up calls, group discussions and personal reflection that I kept calling "grad school"


    I was definitely curious about this myself...i was like "a man, not again". So, funny, just when we confirmed a few dates in a couple weeks from now lol Nice one
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