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    i don't like any of your music i don't like most of you i don't think i'll be missed i don't see any point in being on here if i do nothing more than bring you down i don't think i belong here i'm much too negative to be surrounded by people with rose coloured glasses on thanks to those who i've made connections with and my apologies to the rest of you. i came here hoping i had found a circle of people who were geniunely all about the music. i was let down. it would seem as though once again, my personality has earned me hatred. nothing new here. tooly, mel, lazlo, baj, alexis, del. thanks you all very much for putting up with me, i'm sure its a challenge. bye.
  2. hey dumb guys, i'm pretty sure i've already stated multiple times that i only posted in here to get a rise out of you. way to go. i never claimed to be a musical genius. you guys need to read things twice i think.
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thats all
  4. you get used to it today is statistically the saddest day of the year. whatever that means. i miss the comfort in being sad
  5. wait, who has thousands of adoring fans? there is no way musicians speak to one another, i've met people who rip on other bands to the extent that they get in fights and i've met people who only speak good things regardless of how they feel. this brethren stuff is quite frankly, fucking retarded. i never claimed to be Miles, i'm not even really into him these days, he's stil a huge influence on me, but if you could rub two thoughts together you might have noticed my thoughts regarding individuality in musicians. why would i want to be like any musician? true i say mother fucker, but because i find it funny. yes i rip on people, but i've been doing that since the only band that mattered to me was Nirvana. LONGEVITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TALENT!
  6. tonin, yes a lot of that post was to get a rise out of people. bradm, i didn't mean what i wrote was constructice criticism, i meant that pertaining to serious posting. fluff
  7. yes what i said was purely to get a rise out of people, no i don't like jomomma in the least. nothing is for everyone. i don't see any advantage in only giving positive feedback. as a musician i'm far more interested in hearing about why i suck then why i'm good, it helps people grow and develope their ideas. something 99% of "jimbands" need. whats this "brethren" shit? i judge people based on who they are, not what things they have in common with me. i found " ...their high-energy funk" funny because it makes it sound like they've done something new, hence "their" personally i couldn't bring myself to write anything like that regarding my own music, i find it a bit pompous. maybe whats his face was joking, maybe not. for what its worth the bassist and drummer in said band aren't terrible. i'm well aware that i piss a lot of you off with my attitude towards most things and thats fine, theres an extremely high possibilty i wouldn't waste my spit to insult most of you. sorry to say it but, i don't care what a bunch of drug addicts pretending to be all about music think. i'm solely interested in music, thats why i go to shows, thats why i think dancy boring unoriginal jambands are terrible, because i'm actually listening. i'm going to go take my stupid hamster nuts into my music room and continue writing material and working on forming something original. the guys in jomomma might consider trying to find a sound outside of bad funk cliches. i totally support all people out there makiong music, but if you're going to put yourself out there, ypou should be prepared for negative feedback. for every one person who like your band there are thousands who don't. anyway... keep on making the music that makes you happy and i'll do the same.
  8. get yerself some contact mics. i want some.
  9. dJEd

    Awesome Band Discovery

    happiness is for jerks.
  10. dJEd

    Awesome Band Discovery

    alexis, if you didn't like Mr SS, you might have a shred of a valid opinion regarding music tooly, don't start or i'm going to find the haynes thread!!
  11. dJEd

    Awesome Band Discovery

    i, like most people, only pass on things that suck.
  12. dJEd

    Awesome Band Discovery

    i'll pass on the polyphonics. you'd think with 45 people in the group one of them could come up with something interesting
  13. dJEd

    Awesome Band Discovery

    i'll check em out whenever i can. stupid dead PC. AD knows whats oop.
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