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  1. did you figure it out? i dont know how to either.
  2. all i want is harry hood.
  3. im changing one of my top three to sci 4/20
  4. in random order: string cheese, new years, california galactic at bonnaroo and i guess phil and ratdog from a few days ago.
  5. 1. '91 infiniti g20 2. i love my Infiniti. still drives like a champ, and i've been in numerous accidents. numerous. i hated my volvo 240. i mean, i liked it cause it was my first car and all, and there are memories attached and all that sappy stuff, but it was a tank and i felt like i couldnt maneuver it right. obviously i couldnt, because i totaled it. 3. dream car = 1967 gto convertible. white.
  6. i went to middle school with hornsby's niece or something. she sucked up to our english teacher by giving her an autographed picture of him.
  7. elizabeth mountain laurel i heard you your porn name is your first pets name and then your moms maiden name. if that is so, then i shall be donned toy stietenroth.
  8. roaches - the bugs. this girl at my old school laughed so hard she threw up. that would suck real bad. probably a lot a fun beforehand, but then you spew.
  9. "nice marmont" "shut the door. did anyone recognize you?" i manage to fit in the phrase, "shut your face" about once a day. i love that. "shut your face".
  10. i am gonna be a first year at hampshre college in amherst, mass. studying acting, dance, and narrative writing. maybe i'll go into gonzo journalism... so i guess thats what i will be doing for a living. as of now i sit on my ass in the sun, dance at a studio, and occasionally make a cameo at a few concerts. thats the life.
  11. it will be be alright puddles, cross my heart. are you gonna get a new kitty?
  12. i have a cat too (paisley, the cutest tabby ever), so i kinda know where your coming from on the whole emotional attatchment thing. i think it goes with out saying that your cat is in a lot of pain, you know? tubes are in it and stuff, it cant keep down any food, they are doing all sorts of tests... i know you want to keep it living as long as possible so if they find anything the matter, the kitty problem is solved, but the longer your kitty is living, the more pain the kitty has to bear. "pullin the plug" may be more like puttling your cat out of its misery, you know? nothing can hurt your kitty cat anymore. youve already sacrificed tons for your kitty, too (a trip to holland... geeze). not trying to sound like, "kill the cat" or anything, try everything you got by all means... just a thought, though.
  13. yeah, good luck tonight! wish i could be there to see gosium, but unfortunately, i am in georgia. break it down, boys.
  14. “A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.” — Frank Zappa a drug doesnt neccesarily "enhance your musical experience". a drug makes it a different experience, and sometimes, for some people, that experince is better or more fun. but i do know what you mean about just feeding off the energy a good band is putting out!
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