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  1. [color:blue] Aloha Bitches!! Wonderin'where 'ole Magnum's been? Well I've been workin' harder than a drunken polynesiam pimp during the iron man weeked to create my own beer. Ahhh yeah. You heard right...with hard work, a chapion mustache and shorts so tight they could castrate an lesser man, I have created my own beer! [color:black]Read the awesomeness!! It was bound to happen sooner or later... A Magnum P.I. tribute beer! Starting in June, SweetWater Brewing Company, a 49,000-barrel microbrewery in Atlanta, is producing a specialty Imperial Pilsner aptly called Magnum I.P.! SweetWater says, "At 100 IBUs and 9% ABV, this hairy chested Imperial Pilsner is guaranteed to rev up the Ferrari and take you on a mustache ride. Medium bodied like Rick and crisp like T.C., this IP's short-shorts on the sea shore fit snug on the 2 lbs. per barrel of Cascade and Sterling hops shimmied upon this sucker." SweetWater beers are found only in the US Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina), so this beer will be hard to find for many people. Still, what a great idea! Special thanks to Beernews.org for letting us know about this great new product! Beer News Story [color:blue]Who wants to chug me?
  2. Magnum


    This show is this weekend! Time to book a flight from the big island.
  3. Looking forward to this one Jason Palma is a killer DJ with a big bag of rare funk/disco. Check out his myspace: Jason Palma myspace
  4. Sweetback presents:[color:red]"Devil's Night Disco" an evening of evil, mutant disco and frightful funk." Friday Oct. 30 9pm/$5 Augusta House 152 Augusta Ave. featuring: [color:DarkOrange]Jive Express(Sweetback) [color:DarkOrange]David James(Do you remember disco?) [color:DarkOrange]Platform Shag(Sweetback) [color:DarkOrange]Unkle Funke(Do you remember disco?) [color:brown]"Decorations & Prizes for best costume provided by www.Gloomth.com www.sweetbackgroove.com www.myspace.com/sweetbackgroove www.nufunk.ca
  5. I Saw Murawski with BK3 at the Higheground last year in Vermont and it was jaw-dropping. Killer chops. Great interview Jay! Gonna be a crazy night!
  6. I am all over this everyone I know is going. Were talking 6 turntables, 80 custom dubplates and the Wolfmother rhythm section. Once in a lifetime show!
  7. Trust me I am never excited about the Jays usually depressed.
  8. What's the deal?! This happened last year too. Once the season was out of reach at the end the Jays start kicking ass. They beat Boston last night 11-5 in BOSTON!!! What gives why is they can only play like a team in May/ealry June and Sept. When it does not matter. Thoughts?
  9. [color:blue]Attention parrotheads! Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer band sail into the ACC Thursday Nov.19th. Tickets go on sale at ticketbastered on Friday 10am. They will go pretty much instantly. Question: Does anyone have a presale code?
  10. It is going to be Thriller. Just accept it. It will be awesome. Considering they announced festival 8 right after MJ died and made mention of it it seems like a safe bet.
  11. You may want to come out early for this one. I've been getting a lot of response from people as we have not had one of these parties in a few months.
  12. Magnum


    Hillarious. Kanye is the most narcissistic person on earth. I can't wait until he is a complete has been. JAck off!
  13. Disco comin your way soon! see sweetbackgroove for details
  14. Indeed it is and tonight for Fatty Funk Thursdays I will be laying down the funk to fill your bowl. Come out and enjoint yourself! 8-12am
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