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  1. Don't miss the Buffett best vibe since a Grateful Dead show me Rick, TC and the Chameleon are all going. Also Buffett shows are almost always sold out so get these rare seats while they last...
  2. I'm in and so is TC. In fact TC used to be back up singer for Isaac Hayes back in the day so he knows how to get dowm...
  3. Where was I! This jam had magnum written all over it... ...well all the microdots and the margaritas some times catch up with ya....
  4. Very impressed with the Steve Miller set. He and his band were very tight and looking and sounding great. So many classic tunes and nice jams including a couple tunes with Gordie Johnson....you can't beat that... Fly like and Eagle (w/rap...no need for that really) True final love Abracadabra Mercury Blues Nobody loves you like the way I do Shababdoo-ma-ma-mama Texas w/Gordie Johnson Crossroads w/Gordie Johnson Serenade Dance, dance, dance Wild mountain honey In the winter time Keep on rockin' me baby Take the money and run The Joker E: Swingtown Jet airliner (Yessssss!)
  5. What he said! [color:red]See this hose... Know why I'm drenching sexy torso and buff man forest?? I'll tell you why. 'Cause the Magnum is burning hot with fiery anger, about these bluesfest lawn chair bitches! Now higgins, TC, Rick and the Chameleon and me are coming to see Steve Miller, P-/funk and moe. and we are looking to drink some Daquries and shake it on down! and let me tell you when I hear Steve Miller sing Jet Airliner this P.I. goes buck and puts his short shorts into action on the dancefloor! How am I 'sposta get on down to the Flashilight with George Clinton (personal friend...TC used to play castanets in Funkadelic for 1/2 an album) and get my mitts on some lady curves.. when there's no funkin' room to get down??!! I can't work my macho sitting!! BUMP THAT!!! The boys from the Robin's nest are ready to take up the fight!!! We wil; also hand out flyers and show those rigormortous muthafukas in the chairs .....it ain't hip!!! Post that flyer!
  6. Magnum


    Nice too see that these Hell's Angels endorsed spped freaks are still cranking it out. The are also playing in Toronto at Sneaky Dee's on April 7th...
  7. here are 4 little DNB samples from The Chameleon Project along with a full length classic jam called "Space Jazz". Look forward to more LIVE drum&bass on the 24th!! Chameleon Project - LIVE - DNB Sample #1 :: 1min 47sec Chameleon Project - LIVE - DNB Sample #2 :: 1min 32sec Chameleon Project - LIVE - DNB Sample #3 :: 1min 35sec Chameleon Project - LIVE - DNB Sample #4 :: 1min 13sec Chameleon Project - LIVE - Space Jazz :: 3min 39sec [color:purple]Keep your ass tan and your head drunk. Aloha bitches!
  8. Happy B-Day from me, my macho chest and all the boys at the Robin's Nest
  9. I wish Magnum was still my friend. We've never really reconciled after him spotting me that weed and me smoking it. sob.sob.sniffle.sniffle. [color:blue]Fuck you hippie! Magnum don't play. Until you pay up no love! Deal with it. As for you Bouche.... Remember without a mustache there can be no mustache rides! Grow it and they will cum/come. Take 'er sleazy and if she's sleazy take her twice. Back to the beach. later.
  10. Killer line-up1 Little Feat and Gratefully deadicated! Best line up for this event yet! Only having STS9 there could be better. And of course my island sensibility long for Jimmy Buffett and Don Ho. But then again this is snow down. Perhaps too sold for the Magnum. The ballhuggers don't look sexy when you have raisin sack.
  11. Indeed. Thanks for the heads up. when I first saw it TC and I were all ready to swoop in form the island and open a can of tropical whoop ass on him. However when I realized it was Bouche it was OK as he is a buddy and get the Magnum "'stache pass" seal of approval. Really his is just paying homage to my macho.
  12. Bouche! The Magnum is very impressed with your dedication to the 'stache and my look. The Tigers cap is impressive. Normally if anyone was biting my style so hard I would drive down with TC in the Island Hoppers van and lay a tropical beating on thier ass. But as we are friends and I know your look is more of a tribute to my macho, I give you a "'stache pass". Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to wear the "ballhuggers". You gotta let the ladies know what they're missing.
  13. This does look like an all-in one crazy device. How long until I can get one that plays FLAC files and woven into my chest hair. Now that's progress.
  14. You read the thread because you were intrigued about what a gift from Magnum could be. (isn't everyone) Then when you read the tread, it was so teaming with macho sexual innuendo your senses were overloaded by the time you saw the TOTO cover. It's not your fault I have that effect on the ladies. And if you are a dude....then..um....ahh...."how 'bout those Cowboys! Good game, good game.". don't be intimidated by my chest....love it....it loves you...(assuming your a lady..if not..good game)
  15. By PETER ROPER THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN President Bush wants to send an additional 20,000 U.S. troops to Iraq to support a renewed effort by the Iraqi government to get control of the sectarian violence there, Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard said Monday following a White House briefing. Allard, a Republican, was one of several dozen senators who were briefed by Bush, as well as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The president is scheduled to announce a new policy direction in Iraq in a national speech Wednesday night, but was giving select lawmakers an early briefing Monday. "What was most significant to me is the president said that along with the additional 20,000 U.S. troops, the Iraqi government will provide significantly more dollars and more men on the ground to take control of their country," Allard said. Bush did not put any timetable on how long the additional U.S. troops would be in Iraq and did not describe the commitment as temporary, Allard said. "He didn't mention any timetable but he said the Iraqi government will have some goals, some 'bright lines,' to accomplish as part of this process," he said. Allard said the senators, mostly Republicans, listened to the briefing without much comment. "What the president wants from Congress is support for sending the additional troops," he said. "He said this is a crucial time, that just when the Iraqis are taking on more responsibility, that we cannot afford to give the terrorists a victory by not funding this increase and I agree with that." Asked if the briefing gave him any new information about the war, Allard said he was surprised that the Iraqi government officials said they could make a stronger effort to take over the job of fighting insurgents and providing security. "I think they've been going along for the ride to some extent and they haven't made as strong a commitment to their future as we might expect," he said. "To some degree, the leadership has been a part of the problem as well." One issue that has surfaced in Baghdad is that the Iraqi government has done little to stop the violence - kidnappings and killings - by Shiite militia under the leadership of firebrand cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. "The president told us he was blunt in talking to Iraqi officials, that murder is murder, no matter who commits it and that everyone needs to be treated the same," Allard said. Story link ------------------------------- think he'll get the troops? Or will Polosi give him the shaft? Magnum wants to know.
  16. Good question. Personally I get on of the local beach hotties to freeze the pudding with ice cubes in their mouths while I rock out to my Toto albums. The ice makes the pudding hard and the Toto makes the ladies soft! Works everytime! You can thank me later.
  17. [color:indigo]Hi y'all Magnum here. I know, it's been a while since I've been on this board showing chest and talking about ladies and life on the Island. Well I'm back. Actually I just woke up from my post New Year's nap. Whoa! What a party. Me, TC and Rick went to this sleazy (which is Magnumese for classy) Hawaiian "gentleman's club" that was featuring an amateur pudding wrestling night. Naturally being an Iron Man trialthelete and in razor tight shape like I am, I stepped up to the challenge. The deal is you get to wrestle the biggest Polynesian girl they have on staff and if you win you get top eat your weight in steak. You also get to choose what type of pudding. What a deal! So I lubed up and chose butterscotch as my flavor and got to grappling with a beast-woman that had a neck that looked like George C. Scott's forehead. Anywho, I won and we all eat steak and drank Michelob long necks until we almost passed out. Then TC whipped out the poppers and we all got our second wind and ordered some lap dances from the other wrestlers that lost. Needless to say I just woke up with caked on pudding in my chest hair and a head swimming with amil-nitrate and stale beer. BEST NEW YEAR's EVER! In any case Valentine's day will come up soon and as you all know this a sensitive time of year for the Magnum as I am loved by all yet really "loved" by no one. [color:red](sheds single tear) . But this year is going to different and in an effort to spread good will and cheer that will hopefully keep me away form listening to Naplam Death and smokin' PCP on Valentine's day, I offer you guys these streaming links to some rad DJ set and shows that me and the boys listen to on Higgins high-fi when he is away and we have our XTC fueled dance parties..... Check it until next time....respect the man and fear the 'stache! Magnum Out. Aphex Twin DJ set 2005 Black Sun Empire 2006 Lowlands The Breakestra Live 2001
  18. [color:red] Magnum is crushed! I'm heading straight to the PCP stash I have hidden for Valentine's day, and I'm hitting the pipe and crankin' up my old Dickey Betts albums. Magnum's heart is broken. usually it's just the tropical hunnies that do this to the ol' Magnum...but today it's baseball. I am also cancelling my weekly lunch with Darrel Evans just out of spite!
  19. Happy B-Day Mr. Weir, you and I have shared the same penchant for short short for years, well after it was fashionable! I salute you and your short shorts! P.S. Magnum would love those GD DVDs!
  20. Magnum is dancin' in the Streets of Honalulu with some drunken Polyneasean HoeZ!! That's how happy I am! Where's Rick with my victory spliff already?? TC bring the funnell! WOOOHOO!!
  21. [color:red]AGGGRRRRRR! Magnum is furious! I was just easing back into my hammock with a bottle of icy cold "old dooseldorf", when I heard that, that pencil neck Ben Affleck is set to play me in the upcoming film version of my show! NO FUCKIN' WAY! That ex J-Lo banger doesn't have nearly the chest hair needed nor the package! The good news is a concerned citizen has taken the fight into his own hands! See link below... Stop Ben Affleck!
  22. I am bumping this for everyones benefit! Magnum approves!
  23. Come to Hawaii, it feels like paradise, but smells liek stale bush!
  24. Stunning ideed. He also produced the first Stooges album, and played viola on it. Killer album.... Although no as tropical as Magnum usually likes. But I usually listen to this on Valentine's Day when I'm in a PCP haze.
  25. [color:blue]Hey Jaydawg, TC and I have been working up a Hawaiin flavoured dub project, in which we do endless versions of the theme song to my show. We also do dub versions of Jimmy Buffett classsics. The real "showstopper" in our set is when TC takes and extended bass solo and I run a metal tined comb through my chest hair, which is miced and fed through a Roland Space Echo. This section of the show is our little drums/space if you will. In essence the manliness of my chesthair and the resistance it creates, produces mad echoes and reverbs, over TC fatbasslines. Anyways we'll be there for this killer looking event and we'll talk more about my "chest hair" dub project. We are looking for gigs off the island. I'm sure your interested already. Magnum Out.
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