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  1. [color:red]Being a Private Investiagtor, I know of many plots that will bring your demise. Be on guard it is alwasy calm before a storm. That is all I can say! I gotta go the Ferrari is double parked!
  2. [color:blue]You rang! Magnum at your service! Hey Mango, shouldn't you ask the boys or more specifically "The Magnum" for help! After all the dudes know best what dudes like. (and no the Magnum doesn't swing that way, so stop the jokes before you start. Just 'casue my shorts cling to my package, it doesn't mean I'm gay. it means I'm macho inthe crotcho!) Seriously though Mango without being a tropical P.I. sexbomb like myself it can be tough in the city. I suggest the following (before you go to the on-line dating world). 1. Become involved in activities or groups with like minded people. This way you meet cool people without the pressure of a dating specific event. Like if you are into volleyball join a local league or whatever. Then scope for hot dudes. 2. You need to reach out to your friends and tell them you are on the market and looking. The best and safest hookups come from friends. After all your friends know what you like and want to see you happy. SO the next time you are with your buds say "Hey I'm tired of flying solo, keep an eye out for hot single dudes I'd like." Seriously put your friends on notice that you are looking. assemble your team! 3. You must make some moves! The biggest problem in the city and the dating world is that guys are always expected to make the intial moves to introduce/pick up or whatever. That's really scarry for most dudes (exceopt the Magnum, due to my prize winning chest, but I digress), as most guys realize, we are intially seen as potential threats to women we don't know. Or worse we are seen, as "that guy", and no one wants to be rejected or judged as a slimey pick up artist. So many guys live alone and go witrhout (for real). The best guys are often single because they don't want to be lunped in the same catageory of every looser that has laid a bad line on you. it is a lot of pressure to have to make all the moves, and that is what most guys have to do. So if you ease that pressure, you'll be closer to success. So, what you need to do is give a guy you would like to have approach you clear signals thatit is OK. You can do this by holding eye contact and smiling when the guy checks you out. Don't turn away or he will think you are not accepting. Make it obviuous! Or, you can check him out until he looks at you then, you smile confidently. Even better, you could actually approach him! It's the new millenum it's OK, women need to do this more. See dudes almost never get approached by girls, becuase women are programmed to be the persued not to persue themselves. But if you disregard that bullshit you will get what you want fast! The guy you approach will be so stunned that a cute girl like you is actually talking to him out of the blue that he will ceretainly agree to go out on a casual date with you if he was single. Finally, you must plant many seeds. Talk to many dudes and over time you will see which ones have potential and which ones are just friends. The more seeds you plant the quicker you will get to your goal. And if all else fails just PM the Magnum and I'll have TC fly me in and you can play with my chest hair while we listen to some Jimmy Buffett and sip Long Island Ice Teas! Hope that helps! Magnum Out!
  3. Me and TC think Lohan should go the Paris Hilton route. Don't try to really act anymore or get a bogus singing career going. Too much real work and responsibility. Instead just become a socialite and party all aorund town, get embarassing nip slip, and ass out shots taken of you. Then cock hop from movie star, to billionaire to next dude and every once and a while smack up your car and release a sex tape. That way no one will expect you to act like a real adult. ...Oh wait a second...that is what she's doing. So she's right on track...all she needs to do now is stop acting and get to work on that sex tape. I'd like to see Lindsay's Lo-hand on Magnum's ol' .45...if you get this P.I.'s drift. Lindsay call me.....I'm in the book under the Robin Master's estate Honanlulu.
  4. ...and hot ladies I hope.. ...the Magnum is feeling frisky. T-Dot hunnies watch out, my moustache aka the flavour saver, will be onthe loose this weekend in the T-Dot.
  5. I've always had a simple rule.... ....Only narcotics that are not physically addictive. (Well Magnum does get intot he PCP especially around Valentines day.) Mothballs? That's ghetto, go out and buy some ectasy or at least some nitrous. [color:purple]I think these kids are juts too lazy to look for real drugs!
  6. Absolutley Clamity Jane we can talk about bigger penis's. Magnum's been waiting for this debate for ever! That's for bringing it up. Let me start..."My johnson is as big as a sperm whale with elephantitis" Discuss....
  7. [color:navy]Ok, OK, I'll take the heat on this one. This is Magnum's fault. So the other day before The Hoff was leaving for his flight to England, he was over at the Robin's Nest watching the Army vs. Navy football game, with me. We were having a grand old time drinking bottles of Old Doseldorf and listening to my rare Seals & Crofts bootlegs when things turned ugly. Somewhere around half time, Rick comes over and breaks out some of the best Hawaiin Coke, Magum has ever seen (Magnum doesn't fuck witht heh coke..I'm more of a PCP man). So the rails go around and Hoff just keeps on hoovering and getting brave. So then he challenges the Magnum to a "who's got the manlier mane of chest hair comeptition. [color:blue]BAD MOVE!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER CHALLENGE MAGNUM'S CHEST HAIR! IT's SUICICDE! ...as the Hoff found out. So we both take off our shirts, oil up for effect and comb out our chest hair pelts. Then Rick called up some of the girls form the King Kamayamaya club to come over and judge. Well by the time the girls got there the Hoff was very drunk but lucid due to all the blow. He was bosting that his slong was so massive that it wouldn't even fit in the back of that semi-truck he used to drive Kit into, during the Night Rider days. Pleeeease! So while he's bosting about his wang, he forgot to "big up his chest". So the ladies agreed (once again), that the Magnum's chest hair is all powerful...I also have a superior tan! (and package) That really pisseed off the Hoff...he stormed out calling us all a bunch of tropical, no-nothing Hawaiin shirt wearing bitches. TC was steamed I had to hold him back, his suspeneders were ready to snap! Like Higgins when I take the ferrari without asking. So I guess he left the Robin's nest and took a cab to the airport and when the coke wore off, the Hoff was drunk as a skunk, and he got in trouble on the flight. Moral of the story: Don't let the fantasy of cocaine courage lead you into the reality of getting bested by Magnum's prize winning hirtsue chest! [color:blue]P.S. 'Hoff you ain't packin' like you say. We all know the ladies only hung around you to get to kit!
  8. WHAT! You're telling me the Duo, has never heard of Little Feat!?! Have they been living under a rock. C'mon, if you are int he scene and over the age of 25 you should really know. Also I look forward to this Hamilton Feat show as the London Feat show was really short. And I flew out all the way from Maui!
  9. Seriously Magnum needs to know who the band was! And has anyone been to this club before. I went to the web site and it looks pretty swank. Never been. Info please!
  10. Magnum would be finding streaming audio sources on the net or trying to grab files from Realplayer feeds or other sources. All found material.
  11. Hey! Chameleon! Where's that weed Magnum fronted you! Don't play! Mangnum's for real. Seeing as you owe, how come this is a free show?! Don't think I won't get TC to fly me out to Guelph!
  12. [color:blue]Hi gang, Magnum here. So I'm trying to make a very cool mixed Cd of all Higgins' favorite Winston Churchill speehes, mixed with the classical music he digs for his 55th birthday. (not my speed I'm more of a Jimmy Buffet man..) Anyways, what it is a good audio capture program that I can use? I basically need a program that will record whatever comes out of my PC speakers, so I can edit it. I've tried stream ripper, but it only works with winamp (I think)..so any other ideas, skanks? Thanks for the info in advance, 'cause Magnum's a lover not and audio editor.
  13. Sounds like a experiemntaland groovy evening. Much like my steamy nights with the ladies at the Robin's nest. Freaky island hunnies and Seals & Crofts records blasting to cover up the screams! Nastalicious! Any Hawaiin or tropical dub at this Jaydawg? Hope so.
  14. Dude those moving Jerry pix are killer. Where'd you get those?
  15. The location is in my short shorts, ladies only. That's how Magnum rolls....
  16. Weed is good and so is opium in moderation. Very theraputic and relaxing. I love to hit the opium pipe on the beach while I listen to the Doobie Bros. Really eases the stress. But never forget opium is addictive, so one has to have self-control. In either case it's hard to find in the western hemisphere. Drugs ain't bad people's lack of discipline and moderation is.....
  17. Good put that crackhead in jail to wake his no talent ass up. Fuck die already. He always sucked. G'n'R succeeded in spite of him.
  18. Can me and TC come. We'd love to spread the Macho vibe. it would be a great opportunity for me to expose my finely coiffed hairy man chest too. I think I could get The Chameleon to come out of his shell and make it out too. I'll be dusting of my speedo.....look out.
  19. Your initmidated by the 'satche. Fear is natural but not manly. Toughen up Bouche!
  20. Man he was the funkiest! Space Race is killer, he was one of the greats.
  21. Don't you wish! Your not ready for Wil's sexy.....
  22. WHAT!!!??!! Nobody and I mean nobody wears tigheter short/parnts than the Magnum! Don't even test!
  23. Higgins and I will be at the Crowbar, for the WTTS CD release. I hear that Jaydawg of Highplains Drifter actually wear tighter shorts than me. this I gotta see for my self...
  24. Your right this one is gonna be as packed as my short shorts on a hot day in Maui. Fire up the chopper TC we goin'.
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