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  1. [color:blue]"Always wear shorts that are asize to tight." "If worried or confused go on a long surf ski run". "Always tell TC, you'll pay him for the chopper ride on the flipside". "Never tell Higgins your taking the Ferrari to mack babes, it's always offcial Robin Masters business". "Never smoke PCP and go to the bar, the beast you wake up with will be more scary than any PCP hallucination". "There is nothing friendly about being in the friend zone". "There can be no moustache rides without a moustache".
  2. Me, TC and the gang are obviously in. I'll bring the hawaiin sluts and the PCP!
  3. [color:red]Hi there , your avatar is sexy. Do you come to this thread much? Hey I got a bitchin' tropical pad on the beach. I can show you how to surf ski and solve life's biggest problems. Wanna ride in my ferrari?
  4. WOW. I just went to the Dub trio's website (www.dubtrio.com) and checked out thier music samples and some live video, absolutely killer. Real cool mix of hard metalish rock and real genuwine dub.. Check out thier site it's hot..
  5. Hey gang, Question: Who was the other guitarist in Pink Floyd's touring band in thje 70's. He's the guy playing all the harmony parts, like in "You've got to be crazy" and the rhythm parts behind Gilmore. Anyone know?
  6. Magnum

    desktop blues

    This is killer! Next time I strike out with the ladies at the King Kamayamaya club, I'm not going to smoke PCP and drink Pina Coladas. I'm gonna use the desktop blues.. Thnaks!
  7. [color:navy]Look.....you all know old Magnum has been having trouble with the ladies on the Island. I'm sorry if I've been cutting your buddies grass, but she told me that her husband was cool with sharing. She said sharing is caring and that both of them were into the whole polyamory/swinging 70's thing, whcih is Magnum's bag for sure. So look it's not my fault if she wants to ride the 'stache. Maybe you should get your friend to grow a "flavour saver" and she'll come running back. For the record I am not responsible for the rust! Although I'll ask TC if he has some connection on the island for cheap body work!
  8. IN Burlington?! Where? and Where can I get tix immediately! WOW.
  9. Agreed. Moderation and responsibility are the key when altering you nervous system. Respect is paramount.
  10. I would maybe agree with that. Mushrooms are poisonous, so large amounts could do damage. While a trip now and again I'm sure is fine. LSD on the other hand is not poisonous (alhtough very concentrated) and had not been linked to one direct death and has no known side effects (even the old "flashbacks" myth is being discredited these days, very rare indeed). More LSD for magnum!
  11. Life is harsh, but the truth is the truth. Many of these disease that have mutated and appeared in the last few decades, are the earths way of thinning out the population, so it survives. Natural selection in the new millenium. Solution: Stop having babies everytime you fuck, and wrap it up, get abotrtions if needed. Throw those ancient morals out the window, and think of the grand eco picture. The worlds needs trump your little religion. Stop being so self centered. Magnum fully expects an oslaught or reactyive opinion, but I may still be drunk too.
  12. Magnum

    Good Morning

    [color:blue]AHHHH! OHHHH! JEEZussss! It's early! Yeoza! Ol' Magnum is just waking up at the crack of dawn out here on the island. Wow! Last night was a doozy, too many Foster's king cans, and too much Seals & Crofts. Man o' Man. Take a look at what I woke up beside. Good lord Magnum, have some shame.. [color:blue]Guess, the goggles were on pretty heavy last night. whatever I'm gonna go swim in the ocean and cleanse myself of the mom stank. Oh! and Good Morning! Wake up with wood!
  13. [color:blue]So I'm chillin' with TC on a patio on Oahu and I see this champ cruising down the street in his short short's. I'm like, dude hit the gym. No one can rock short that short unless you the Magnum....
  14. [color:blue]Happy birthday from me and all the boys at the Robin's Nest. Aloha!
  15. I hear you guys do a version of my theme song? Is this true? If so Magnum may have make plans to leave the island and boogie down.
  16. happy Birthday from all the gang at the Robin's Nest
  17. I was undercover at this event with Rick. We liked the TLG set and thought it was all pro. Only criticism is that is was quite predictable with few surprises. But certainly well executed. Now if they'd just learn some Jimmy Buffett, we'd be rockin' smooth. Magnum out.
  18. Ahh I see you've tried ol' Magnum's Valentine's day remedy. PCP will do that to you the first time, don't worry. Soon you be almost insane..
  19. PCP and death metal anyone?
  20. [color:red]So I just kicked off my Valentine's day coping/moaping strategy.... ....My throats a little dry from the PCP, but I'm washing it down with some Yohoo.. Anyways, I was thumbing through my old photo album [color:purple](I always get sentimental after I hit the PCP, this usually comes just before the blinding paranoia) and I found this pic. [color:red]Ahh them were the days.. all ass, good times, and tight swimwear. Those were the days when ladies loved to grab my ass and ride the 'stache. ...And now...now all that makes me smile is listening to Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles" on 45 and doing nitrous. And that only works on a good day! On days like today only PCP will do. Well I guess I'll drag out the tank put on the Do Ho or my Deicide albums, which ever comes first..Well I'm out for.. [color:purple]Shhhhh! Wait!, Be quiet!....Higgins is that you, TC? Who's there?!! Stop following me....There's no body home....IT's just me and my PCP...no you can't have any... Oh wait, there's no one there...Ahh it's working.... +
  21. [color:brown]That Korean method sounds great. I guess TC was right "Once you Black you never go back."
  22. [color:red]Grow up and move out! I fought in 'Nam and I'll have you know that I am Mr. Robin Master's on site head of security. My job is noble and important and just becuase I life in the guest house doesn't mean Higgins is my Daddy or runs my life why... ... ........What?! What's that Higgins? No I didn't pick up your popscicle sticks for your bridge... [color:blue]...what?! How does that affect my guest priveleages?! Look I am a hairy chested man., and if I want to have people over I will, you are noit my father...you hear me not mny father....Why must you always control...Oh it's just never egnough for you is it, I can never be good egnough for you ...you don't appriciate me at all, it all take take, take you pompus bastard.. [color:red]Look, Moose I should go now, I'm sorry I didn't mean to shut you down...I mean, I'm sure your hot and hairy, being a Moose and all, and that really revs Magnum's engine but.... [color:red]Fuck you and your Safari jump suit bullshit, Higgins!
  23. Frilly and lacey. My good sir you've gone soft on us or perhaps flaccid to be more apt!
  24. [color:red]Look Lazlo, I don't know why Higgins has this picture of you passed out (hidden under his bed), but I'm worried. I really hope if anything happened it was just you, a bottle of Cognac ans some regrets. For god sake I hope the lads wern't invovled. Egads! And man, cover you ass.(literally!)
  25. Happy b-Day from the Island. If you don't tell the others, Magnum will let you touch it...just this once..after all it is your special day!
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