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  1. keri, i lost my oroboros cd a long time ago, but you had burned one for me anyway so i still have a copy i'll be back in that neck of the woods around may 2-3, i'm workin at the hospital. what are you doing for may 2-4?
  2. i just wanted to also vouch for that band. i have the oroboros cd and it's awesome.
  3. FYI chathamites - the show they're doing at DTE is with the Brothers, in case you didn't see that. yesssguy
  4. meggo

    DIRTY weekend

    after a bit of research (i really want to make everyone sick!): Bonaroo: Gov't Mule Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Keller Williams Les Claypool's Frog Brigade Soulive The Dirty Dozen Brass Band The String Cheese Incident Widespread Panic Ben Harper Galactic Jack Johnson Robert Randolph & The Family Band Triple Threat DJ Widespread Panic Blind Boys Of Alabama feat. Clarence Fountain Galactic The North Mississippi Allstars Trey Anastasio THIS IS NO JOKE
  5. i just saw some of the lineup for bonaroo music festival in manchester tennessee, june 22nd weekend. don't know if everybody else already saw it, but i think a road trip's in order, especially for you chatham-ites. here's what i saw: widespread sci ben harper galactic trey! yessssguy!
  6. sorry. i meant "great" day. i was having problems
  7. hey k dog, hope you have a greT t day!
  8. meggo

    a question..

    Originally posted by Schwa: [QB]How is life in the wild, wild west there meggo?? this is english in case you didn't know already. hey english, didn't know that was you but i was wondering who that chathamite was. who's ace? the wild west is fine, beautiful weather. later, megs PS - is anyone going to see recipe in victoria tomorrow?
  9. meggo

    a question..

    Actually, I'm going to see Recipe From A Small Planet tonight - I've heard they're pretty good - I know they're playing in Victoria tomorrow @ the shithole that is the Cambie 2 - you may wanna check it out. hey weezy recipe's really good, i saw them a few times last summer when i was living in lake louise. i'm going to see them at the cambie i've been looking forward to it for awhile. thanks for the heads up about the other stuff meg
  10. i was just wondering who posts the shows for victoria/vancouver, because there are never any listed on the homepage but there are often good bands playing here. also - any victoria dwellers around? megs
  11. hi keri - 2 things: i deposited the cheque here, turns out there are scotiabanks out here. also, you probably already know but i wanted to make sure: the new deal: Fri 03/08/02 Kitchener, ON Lyric Theatre Sat 03/09/02 London, ON The Wave take care sweet pea!
  12. hey keri that's really nice of you, i 'll send a cheque over to you. love megs
  13. just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out by doing that survey and sending it back. if somebody tells me how to do it i'll try posting my paper so you can see the results, if you're interested (some people were). thanks again, meggo
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