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  1. good lord... what a huge, huge loser...he needs to stop doing interviews. edit to add: i usually feel some sympathy for people with addictions but wow.. he makes it tough.
  2. i remember that! i watched the end of it in the train station in ottawa with a crowd. so exciting!! maybe not as exciting as being there
  3. meggo

    Oscar Picks

    yeah trent reznor!!! thank you for the reminder to track down some old nine inch nails. i thought 'the kids are alright' was terrible.
  4. o-m-g. must get to this place!
  5. ahahaha, thankyou DB PS i tried some new ones last night.. tornaditos limon y sal flavour. not bad but i wouldn't prob buy them again. the texture was kind of weird. ones i tried last week, picarones, were better. very dorito-like.
  6. remember last year at bluesfest when they tried to not let us bring beer between stages? i think that lasted for an hour. something about the road being a public space i think.
  7. sorry dear what was i thinking? i'm on it.
  8. there ya go schwa, return of the tree line @ pine knob!!! yay!!
  9. it's a whole world of new chips down here. i've been keeping my eyes peeled for 'sabor de soledad'...
  10. pine knob would also be fun. tree line!
  11. meggo


    thanks again todd! i got a little shiver at the pictures of you playing graveside. also thanks to the peanut gallery for the giggles..
  12. meggo


    That label looks like the work of Ralph Steadman. Aloha' date=' Brad[/quote'] totally does! love it!
  13. ew yeah i was at that DD show... it was ouchies... good show though! and unseen strangers, i was with the jVids and i say go!! they was fun
  14. meggo

    Chili recipes

    i had some today! it was nice and spicy. great day yesterday, thanks J!
  15. hey dat was a great show!!! weeeeeeooooooooooo!
  16. got tickets for ottawa & toronto, yay!
  17. there are some golden quotes in here... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/schwarzenegger-praises-hard-work-dismisses-girly-men/article1883699/ Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lectured a Toronto audience of about 1,600 on the merits of hard work on Wednesday. The appearance wound up a cross-Canada tour in which he gave his first speeches since completing two terms as governor. On the challenges he faced governing a state hit hard by recession, Mr. Schwarzenegger explained: “Doing a budget is like making sausage – you don’t want to watch it.†As he had in speeches in Calgary and Winnipeg the day before, the former actor and champion bodybuilder referred to other politicians as “girly men†who are often afraid to go beyond the status quo. He said some believed the state’s economy would make a sudden improvement, but that he made budget cuts because he is a realist. Throughout his hour-long talk, Mr. Schwarzenegger spoke at length about how hard he had worked throughout his life. He said he is often annoyed by students who complain about increased costs of education; he suggested they get jobs, as he had. On infrastructure, he said he agreed with U.S. President Barack Obama’s push for increased infrastructure spending. “Our infrastructure is aging,†Mr. Schwarzenegger said. He dodged questions about whether fellow Republican Sarah Palin has the qualifications to become president, saying he didn’t want to make headlines. He called the United States the most wonderful country in the world, adding that he owes it all of his successes.
  18. I think you're getting confused with an Arby's sandwich we once shared. oh-em-gee pleeeease let me forget that sandwich!
  19. i love tripadvisor. since the skanc crew is often on the road for this or that show, i thought this might interest some of you... there are links for US, Asia, Europe and India. http://www.tripadvisor.ca/DirtyHotels
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