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  1. meggo

    cast iron

    dinghy, it is verrrrry frickin' cute that you have a nickname for your cast iron. one of these days i'll pick up another.
  2. You can rent a sleigh on the canal and tow her while you skate. Oh so romantic. we can stick bdunn in there with her and take turns pushing them!
  3. meggo

    Dave Matthew$ Band

    i've never seen DMB live and i really want to! and i don't care who knows it!
  4. true... what did i have last time.. i think it had just bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. SO GOOD!
  5. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    my friends' parents had a little wooden stick, like a ruler, that said 'board of education'. it rarely got used but i always thought it was such a clever name..
  6. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    i will never live that down.
  7. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    i control my students purely with fear.
  8. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    dammit. i always miss the point!!
  9. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    hmmm... i don't think wife-beating is on par with giving your kiddo a smack on the behind because they were playing with matches or something. jusss my opinion.
  10. you're quite hung up on this eh? hahahaha' date=' hung.[/quote'] thankyouschwa
  11. That's not his mother. It's an actor hired by a viral marketing firm. viral? or virile? hee-hee!!!
  12. meggo

    Azz Whoopin'

    i find this debate intriguing... the more i think about it, the more i'm anti-spanking your kids - although - i did get minor swats here and there and it was no big deal. more an attention-getter than anything else i think. for me getting yelled at was way worse than the occasional swat, and i think that can be as equally damaging as physical abuse. my 2 c!
  13. it gets better! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/video/man-with-golden-voice-reunited-with-mother/article1861224/
  14. hahahahahaha! oh DB. i think your posts make me laugh more than any others.
  15. hahahahahaha didn't get there last night - i'll wait til yer in town fluffball!
  16. sorry. i'm still giggling about this. virile virals! yeah.
  17. ooo.. my arteries are feeling a little light.. might have to stop in there tonight!!
  18. sounds like a wicked trip! glad you guys had a good time. thx again for the mississauga booze-up... and sorry for the 6am debate
  19. i can't decide if i'm thrilled or a little bit disgusted. so torn!!!
  20. what about the sammich call? that was my favourite. and the staring raccoons. god bless!
  21. thanks for the links D! yeah, it's a bit crazy for some of them the price you pay. i guess it's an important source of revenue for some of these organizations but just not do-able for me! but i have found some cool-looking ones that are about $30/day and they give you a place to stay and/or a couple of meals, so that's much more reasonable. i actually did look into H4H possibilities, but there were no builds happening in CR and the admin positions were minimum 6 months, which i'm just not willing to commit to right at the moment. so yeah!
  22. awesome thorg. i'm starting to get some good leads, getting pumped!
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