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    Ticket Resale

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's also getting to be close enough to the show that sending the tickets in the mail will be out. The shitty thing is that on saturday we checked and there were still lawn tickets but we were still not sure. I talk to my mom that night, find out there's a family thing in Barrie June 2 (so might as well go to DMB) and then try for tickets on sunday (or monday) and it's sold out, lol. I've also started reading posts and am going to get hooked on here again, damnit.
  2. mattm

    Ticket Resale

    Damn I wish I'd thought of that on April 18th at about 8:26 PM. I just checked out craigslist TO and sure enough someone posted at that very date/time some section 100 tickets for face value. I've emailed the person but I doubt they still have them. Man that would have been nice. Thanks for the quick suggestion!
  3. mattm

    Ticket Resale

    Yo Jamband folk, long time since I've been on here but figure you guys are the best to answer the following question: What are the best ticket resale sites as far as price/safety? I haven't been out in a long, long time and Steph and I have decided to hit up Dave Matthews in TO June 2 (happens to be the same time as a family thing so we can actually do it). Unfortunately this requires tickets and also unfortunately they are sold out. Since things come in three, the third unfortunate is the lack of us being rich and therefore we are looking for reasonably priced tickets. It'd be sweet to get pavilion. I'm aching for some live music and though I'd prefer a Phish show, I'll take Dave anyday since he was my gateway band into jambands... Oh, by the way, if any of you know anyone getting rid of some tickets that isn't greedy and wants to just re-sell them around face value (including service charges and taxes of course), let us know please. Cheers, Matt M PS: If anyone's wondering, I didn't stop coming here because of the people, I stopped because I was afraid of getting fired at an old job for spending too much time on here (come waste your time with us, lol) and then I had kids...
  4. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=427809&id=689420233&l=e6be482b67
  5. Done, I'm gonna make some this weekend
  6. yeah, since when do cars drive themselves
  7. hold on a second, this is a secret link to the onion, right? This isn't really happening? Someone tell me that there's absolutely 0% chance this will end in any money whatsoever from the city or any of the other parties involved because that would be sick. Sue the bars for selling alcohol and the bus for going through a green light? Ummmmmmmm, can everyone counter sue him for the trouble he caused by directly being at fault for the accident (he let his buddy drive, 100% at fault and also at fault for the death of his friends).
  8. mattm

    Poor Holts

    Not sure if this has been brought up before, but what a crappy story and huge eye opener: House passes inspection despite being built at wrong elevation Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=nf&gid=323768496948 They've probably exhausted their legal options but who knows, if anyone here has legal background and can help, they'd probably appreciate it. I don't understand how a house can pass an inspection without being inspected and how a contractor can build something without a permit, get one later without an inspection and not in any way be legally responsible later on. Someone is at fault and it's definitely not the Holt's.
  9. One main thing to remember: Lets say you are put on an alien planet where you know nothing and it's very, very dark and you hear noises. For some unexplicable reason, your comfort zone, which you don't really understand but know it's comforting, is gone as well. How would you feel? Pretty damn terrified and ready to scream until you lose your voice or puke or whatnot? I sure would. Not a big fan of the crying it out and even more so not a fan of the "experts" saying it's all that good. Cuddle at bedtime, read a book, sing and be happy until the little one's eyes close. Little bit less scary, only takes an hour or so of your time, not that big of a sacrifice and ups the trust in the family relationship for free, not to mention keeps the kid in a happy state instead of a sad/depressed/scared state which is always better for the health. Trey is two, not only does he not put up a fuss, he often asks to go to be when we start telling him he looks tired becuase bedtime means good happy quality time with mommy or daddy, nice cuddles and singing, etc. Sometimes he doesn't want to go to sleep but it's only for about 2 minutes and it's mostly because he's kinda scared of the dark. When he wakes up, go in and cuddle, he's back to sleep in 5 minutes tops. When he was 1 and I minded him I just let him fall asleep right on top of me (Steph did too but she's got the boobs so he's got another reason for being there), best and most comfortable place for him and it can be done on the couch while watching tv which is nice.
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, pie. I just made homeade jello out of grapes that grow on the front porch. sorry, off topic but I'm hungry. Also of note is that I don't hate modern medicine, it saves lives, but I do think we have a very bad drug problem which is there to fight an even worse mal-nutrition problem. I also live in Ottawa and don't fall into this list: And therefore the vaccine is not available to me at this time so it's all a moot point, especially if I have it.
  11. Hmmm, it would if I had that argument but since I don't, then there's nothing to negate Oddly enough, I didn't even imply it. I did say that: "...something equally as healthy tonight for dinner (and every day/night). Drink lots of water, eat some fruit and probably be just fine." I do believe that if people were healthier there'd be less viruses going around because the viruses wouldn't have such good homes.
  12. I agree mostly with YT. The medical industry should be there to fix up things like broken arms and getting hit by a bus. Being healthy is there to protect us from things such as disease. Watch food matters for some information on good eating (mostly a common sense movie that in this day and age would most likely be labeled conspiracy theory, while said label-er wolf's down a mcdeath burger). People jump to drugs at the first sign of anything and then go home and eat kraft dinner and wonder why they keep getting sick. I've never had a flu shot and most likely never will unless forced. Hell, I think I have swine flu right now as I type this, we shall see. Either way, for lunch I'll have some pureed squash/corn/parsnip/cream soup and something equally as healthy tonight for dinner (and every day/night). Drink lots of water, eat some fruit and probably be just fine. Put high octane gas in your car and it will zoom. Piss in the gas tank and it will get "sick" yet we piss down our own throats all the time and fix it with needles and shit. Flame me all you want but again, I agree with YT in that prevention (good health and hygiene) should be the main thing our health dollars get spent on, not one hit wonders that will be useless come spring when H1N1 becomes H2N1 (unless that's already been around). Word. Edit: Swine flue virus takes about 10 days to kick in full immunity. It's not available until Nov 5 (unless you're an asshole who got it in line with kids and pregnant ladies and didn't wait the recommended time) so I wouldn't have been able to get it anyway since it will be gone out of my community before the vaccine even kicks in...
  13. mattm

    8 on Sirius/XM

    supposed to have started...
  14. mattm

    phish fall tour

    albany and syracuse requests in for Steph and I. I've been refreshing the tour dates page for days and when I did it this morning there were all of a sudden fall tour dates there but they had more dates than are there now (3 albany nights for example). About 10 minutes later they shortened the list to the current one...
  15. Look around (click and move the screen around) on the one with the chick walking the dog. It even looks like it's blurring some wheels on some of the cars in the parking lot across the street from her.
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