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  1. Happy birthday Mr. Dylan! From my first record in 1975 I've been hooked and now 31 years later, 51 shows under my belt, all the studio and 275+ live recordings, I still haven't gotten my fill of his magic. I couldn't even begin to put in words what his music and words have meant to me over the years, and still do. [color:red]Robert Allen Zimmerman - May 24, 1941 Thanks Bob, for fourty-four years of music and making my world a better place. Cheers
  2. Happy Birthday Stapes! Welcome to the dirty thritys, we need to party again soon. Cheers Greg
  3. Esau

    eagle eye

    From the cam page: [edit to add] A quick look at the link provided led me to this: http://forum.hancockhouse.com/staticpages/index.php/20060323091954727
  4. Esau

    eagle eye

    The news didnt say much about it, but the messageboard on at the site, mentions stuff about it, although I can't get any threads to open, probally due to the number of people on the site currently. Don't think it was a predator though. One of the links provided on the cam page links to another site with info I believe.
  5. Thats the one Newrider & I were talking about. Thanks briguy.
  6. Esau

    eagle eye

    Just saw on the news, one of the eggs disappeared this week & its said the other probally won't hatch. Somting about being late & possibly not fertilized.
  7. Not sure, last time I went there was with a friend of mine about 4 years back, he was meeting a girl whose brother had a gig there. We made it to the front door and a huge brawl was going on, loads of blood & multi-colored mohawk haircuts swingin fists, so we decided to hit Hess Village instead. I did work the door for Hiway Freeker's first gig in Hamilton (they booked the venue themselves) years back and was spit at for asking for cover. Thats the last time I was actually in there.. :crazy: Those Fatties shows were great though, 93 & 94 I seem to recall.
  8. Hey Kev0, Have you thought about using lossless wma? Works in my CD/DVD player and isn't that much bigger then HQ mp3s. Plus, there are now better sites then YSI which handle bigger files and transfer (U/L & D/L) faster.
  9. I'm sure the artists love the open door view of the mens bathroom from the stage also.
  10. Esau

    DJ Dylan

    Ok...its been really troubling me here, so upon further investigation I was told.
  11. Esau

    DJ Dylan

    Well, I was really curious about this so I went to Dylan Pool, and emailed someone I frequently traded with, who is supposedly in the know and was told the recording I posted was aired on XM radio. I'm told it was a preview, a complete airing mind you, but still just a preview. Not a leak. So, the first show (one I posted) premieres May 3rd and then is on weekly, I guess.
  12. Esau

    DJ Dylan

    I posted the first show on here last week for download actually, not sure why XM's website & news articles keep saying May 3rd. Dylan's XM radio show - #1
  13. Yeah, this will be interesting, we were talking about this last week. Theres another really good show coming to corktown also but for the life of me I cant remember what it is. Nice way to prime for my b-day..Levin > WTTS/Todd Gilles @CasbahPepper Jacks > Caution Jam Boat cruise (on my b-day). Looking like a great week.
  14. If its just for software, I like learning how to manipulate the the license time (shown above) instead of playing with my OS. Playing with my OS, thats what my second computer is good for, allows for more screwing around without permantley losing all my main computers contents.
  15. Actually, I meant the 2006-02-24 show, which is much better sounding then 2006-02-22. I was adding a handful of shows to my list when I posted earlier and got my thoughts crossed. I've only started getting into them more over the last few months, I mainly listened to the acoustic show, but New Rider got me listening to more electric stuff. The studio albums are great, especially 'Southern Rock Opera'. I'm about to throw on their live DVD 'Live At The 40 Watt' right now.
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