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  1. I highly recommend the 5th choice on that list.
  2. Whitey

    NFL 2011

    Agreed, it was definately a surprise and it worked out great. Here's hoping they light up the Ravens this weekend. Championship Sunday!!! Whoot, Whoot!
  3. Yeah, he looked good last night. But, then again, he is a UFA after this year.
  4. Old news I know, but I have not been on here for a while. Urban "fuckin" Meyer!! Oh yeah!!! Michigan, Nebraska and all the other red-headed step children of the Big 10 better enjoy this down time for the Bucks because u know good things are ahead. I am expecting at least one of these: Sloth, you know he is going to be bring a lot SEC talent to the Big Ten.
  5. Whitey

    NFL 2011

    I would love to see Tebow and the Broncos destroy the Patriots this weekend. Fingers crossed.
  6. Oh baby! Another sweet 2 pts. Gustavsson made some sweet saves to keep us in the game. Lovin this team!!!
  7. Whitey

    NFL 2011

    A little bit of both, but it starting to look like this defense creates turnovers. Vick definately saw pressure on Sunday and that forced one. The defense also ripped one away from the reciever. The Bills were lucky that their Harvard qb drew the defense offside because Vick would have had the ball left with over a minute and they were moving the ball up and down the field in the 2nd half.
  8. Another week between games at the start of the season. Why does this happen 2 years in a row? Sweet hat trick, Phil! Fuck the haters!
  9. Whitey

    NFL 2011

    Uhmmmm, no. Fred Jackson is a stud.
  10. It was the long weekend. As for the Buckeyes, win or lose this season is not bringing me any joy. Bauserman is terrible. He was not suppose to see the field this year. I hope that the Bucks do not see anymore sanctions because it feels as though we have been punished enough this season. There is only one way to achieve any kind of joy this year ... beat Michigan.
  11. Whitey

    NFL 2011

    I am going to see the Bills and Eagles this weekend. Good test to see what type of team Buffalo is this year. The Eagles definately do not want to go 1-4. Here's hoping that I finally get to see a win and an offensive touchdown at a Bills game.
  12. As previously stated, horrible start, but then... Fuck yeah!!!
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