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  1. Thanks to Bones and POG, I'll be there! Hells yes...
  2. This list is looking pretty comprehensive. One thing I'd add though is: Old Man Luedecke - Tender In The Night Only about half of the songs on the album are great. But, those that are, are really, really great. I see a decent future for this cat..
  3. Hey Ya'll, I know, I know: It's been a while. Or, you don't know who I am and are thinking: who is this dude waltzing on here demanding tickets to Trey? Well, it's just me, YATS. And, I've missed you too. I'm sorry for being so out of touch, but ya know, life gets busy sometimes... Anyways, all that being said, if anyone has, or knows of anyone who may have extra tickets to Trey's Danforth show next Friday, I would love to talk to you and hopefully relieve you of that financial burden you're carrying around in the form of a ticket stub that would make this camper pretty damn happy. PM me or just post right here and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks in advance; it's much appreciated... Cheers, Ian
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