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  1. Wow what a show last night. The Mikes > Sally was such a treat. Also the Waste was so pretty. Anyone gonna be in NYC and want to meet up for a pre show pint? Let me know!
  2. Great first night. The Ghost > Weekapaug was stellar and the Hood was really fun. Great crowd as well. SPAC tomorrow!
  3. Can' wait for tour! Let me know anyone needs rides from venue to venue, I'll be driving by myself and would love the company/gas contributions/good times. Word.
  4. I really enjoy it. I could see myself boogieing (sp?) down to 555 and Wombat
  5. Hey anyone need a Turf ticket? I'm selling mine...its at the early bird pricing so its cheaper than the website right now.
  6. Hey everyone! Driving down on my own to Mansfield for Phish, let me know if anyone wants to come with or knows someone looking for a ride. I'll be going to SPAC after as well and people are more than welcome to score a ride!
  7. Anyone from Toronto/Southern Ontario driving to Mansfield for the first show of the tour?
  8. I am just listening to Wombat from the Halloween show and have decided I can't wait to hear it live this summer...that is a funky tune.
  9. I think it's pretty mellow and might not want to hear at a live show but it isn't a bad tune. Looking forward to hearing the songs grow as they are played live more and more.
  10. Anyone have space in their car?
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