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  1. Thx, look for me, I'll be the one dancing...
  2. Thx for putting this out there; I couldn't wait (travel is booked) so I stubhub'd it. YOLO. Keep on dancin'.
  3. Thx. I do swing by once in a while to see what's going on but it's rare for me to post. I've never dealt with Stub Hub before, and it pains me to support the secondary market, but this opportunity came out of nowhere and I can't pass it up. I know all ya'll love shows, and I thought I may find a break here... I'm loving that Phish is posting regularly to their youtube channel. Who doesn't love a good Fuego!
  4. Hey there old friends, long time no post. I've just landed a gig that will have me in Denver leading up to labour day, and I'm looking for tickets to the Dicks shows. Anyone know anyone that's got 1 for all three nights. I'll resort to the secondary market if need be, but I'd rather work with ya'll if it's an option. Thx
  5. I haven't been to Watkins Glen. Is it worth getting the Glen Close Car Camping Package or is the GA camping A-OK?
  6. They were just back from europe working out some new tunes from Ghost, lots of energy and some fun banter...
  7. First of the summer tours, mark your calender's.... Tedeschi Trucks Band Wheels of Soul 2018 Featuring Drive-By Truckers The Marcus King Band July 17 at 6pm in the Artpark Amphitheater as part of the "Tuesdays in the Park" series!
  8. Well, last nights show was a real rocker. (https://we.tl/QRCinCixj4) Didn't think much of Friday. Thursday showed promise and some great new tone from Trey, although he seemed to be struggling with his new rig thus far. I managed to have non stop music via set openers on FB from Phish -> SCI -> Phish -> SCI -> UM Happy New Years all.
  9. so long ang thx for all the phish...
  10. A good listen, sonically solid as it's all been remastered.
  11. We're going to both shows, if you can't sell them in advance I'll sell them in the lot. We're in Niagara.
  12. Spent the afternoon reliving my youth, and thought I'd share... It started with a random pulling of a phish t-shirt from the bottom of my dresser this morning and then a random playing of this show while mucking about in the garden this afternoon.... This was the finale of three weeks on Phish tour for us and in some ways a defining moment in my life. We were at the show with a big crew that kind of spontaneously came together. We we're feeling the communal vibe, but I'd wandered away before the beginning of this set and was hanging out in 'the garden of infinite pleasantries' outside the
  13. Joined many moons ago; first post since the major site revamp a few years back...
  14. I found a Youtube playlist with most of the weekend proshot: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD0iZ2_nO058fDVKSV1bhybQ6vkMnvBUQ
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