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    canphan got a reaction from Booche in Phish NYE Run   
    Well, last nights show was a real rocker. (https://we.tl/QRCinCixj4)  Didn't think much of Friday.  Thursday showed promise and some great new tone from Trey, although he seemed to be struggling with his new rig thus far.  I managed to have non stop music via set openers on FB from Phish -> SCI -> Phish -> SCI -> UM
    Happy New Years all.
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    canphan reacted to CyberHippie in Dark Solstice Mix   
    Bump - It's that time of the year again...
    Happy Solstice Everyone!
    I present you with another nonsensical and inappropriate musical journey through groovy beats. You know what to do...
    Enjoy and pass it on
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    canphan reacted to edger in What are you listening to right now?   
    Canphan! Nice to see you posting!
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