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  1. Tonight from House of Blues in Cleveland starting at 8:15,. Enjoy https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/mike-gordon
  2. The D Funk

    GD50 extras?

    Would love extras but nobody got em I know!! if by chance any at all please PM! still holding out hope keeping my hotels booked and my ear to the ground Cheers.
  3. Ouch won't miss being away for this one. Not my ideal lineup,
  4. Grabbed a pair of weekend passes something to look forward to, I think weekend passes will sell out!! The lineup looks solid!
  5. Hahah...unaware and worrying about the camps page attended in his Tweens:(
  6. Mentions Guelph @ 7:06 Looking forward to Tuesday...
  7. Great Buy and great record finds! Would love to hear Spanish Moon on that sweet setup! Enjoy
  8. Just curious Kev how much did that beauty setup cost you in total? Someday I would like to get something similar ?? Nice Finds This thread was a good starting point for me
  9. Free Music all weekend Black Crowes Up Next Love these surprise webcasts! Enjoy http://www.heyreverb.com/blog/2013/09/13/watch-telluride-blues-and-brews-live-stream-with-jim-james-and-more/77180/ Schedule Sat Sun 7:30 pm The Black Crowes Saturday 12:00 pm Selwyn Birchwood Band 1:20 pm The New Mastersounds 2:20 pm Kim Churchill 2:40 pm Rebirth Brass Band 3:30 pm Low Volts 4:00 pm Otis Taylor Band 5:30 pm Mickey Hart 7:30 pm Jim James Sunday 11:00 am The Relatives 12:10 pm Preservation Hall Jazz Band 1:30 pm Anders Osborne 2:40 pm Valerie James 3:00 pm Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe 4:10 pm Low Volts 4:30 pm TBD 6:15 pm Melissa Etheridge
  10. Can someone please post a link to toronto show Thanks
  11. My icloud was eating data somehow with iphone 5 and I was using 5.5 gigs a month it was ridiculous... after three months of this i turned icloud off and my data plan usage has dropped way down... when I had iphone 4 my usage was always under a gig, with the 5 it was getting outta hand?
  12. Tom Petty was definitely not on my stream last night? Anyone else?
  13. what are u using i cant seem to find one to work for this stream Donny ??
  14. Thanks for the heads up I cant wait to watch some of this:)
  15. sorry my bad the gorge is only a place I dream of seeing a show! my mistake! thanks phorbesie:)
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