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  1. boiler rat

    Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM

    Just heard about this. Horribly sad news, Brad is legendary, he truly is. Rest In Peace brother. You have left behind a legacy of your love for music for us all to enjoy.
  2. boiler rat

    Looking for nero's first album - please help!

    Nice purchase. Enjoy.
  3. boiler rat

    Hillside Festival 2017

    A nice review of the Blurry Pockets set
  4. I've got my tickets. Going to be a good'un. Even though the unofficial official one was last week
  5. boiler rat


    I have it on good authority that he likes these:
  6. boiler rat

    Rdio to shut down service, file for bankruptcy.

    Apple kind of took over for people that use their products. Sometimes it does some weird things though. I've had the Apple cloud service for a while, where it uploaded the stuff I had, that they didn't have, mainly live music I have collected. Now, sometimes when I'm listening to Apple Music it will play something from the stuff I uploaded instead of the actual studio versions. I liked Rdio, I still use it occasionally but let my subscription go after Apple Music came out.
  7. boiler rat

    Wayhome Festival??

    I was a fan of Sloan so I'm not really surprised, it's just been a while since I've heard anything they've done. I'm just surprised they would get 50,000. Good on them if they do.
  8. boiler rat

    Wayhome Festival??

    They're playing Sloan $50,000? Fuck, not a bad payday for an also ran 90's hit maker.
  9. boiler rat

    Summer tour starts tonight for the Phish

    Might go to Merriweather.
  10. Just throwing this one out there for anybody around Owen Sound this weekend. The Queen's Bush Bluegrass Club's annual campout located at then Kilsyth Country Campground. Some of our very own jambands.ca members will be playing with the Blurry Pickers! The line-up will be; Todd Gillies (guitar) Johann Lotter (fiddle) Jeff Rothwell (mandolin) Jeff English (guitar) Blair Babcock (bass) Sara Edge (vocals) Christy Muddle (vocals) (I'm kinda hoping for c-towns on the washboard to join in on this too) http://www.queensbush.ca/Files/QBBC_2015_Campout_w_map.pdf Hope to see some kind folks there
  11. boiler rat

    Steal Your Face?

    The Stealie's teeth are pretty straight on though, so not sure if I'm down with the theory.
  12. sugar + mags=slayed
  13. boiler rat

    The Chicago Thread

    Everybody must watch out for Ctowns intricate hand movements
  14. boiler rat

    Happy Canada Day youse Bitches

    Red eye home, while not the perfect Canada Day, is leading up to the perfect weekend my friend