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  1. I keep feeling like I've been at an entirely different show then everyone else lately....I thought Dr. John was awful. Not particularly the Dr. himself...vocals were bang on...but the pacing was terrible (too slow, no snap) and the rythmn section never hit a pocket.
  2. Well Collingwood is a small town...we all know each other in one way or another...but they are some of my favourites. Murray is joining right now..the others do not use computers often or at all. Joe is the little brother of Bohdan, who did some awesome shots of Dave for envelope 3 stuff last year.
  3. Aww...Velvet is playing guitar with my friend Justin in the second pic.
  4. Love them both, but to me that mostly says that Beck will be producing (not that that isn't interesting and potentially awesome). Didn't he just produce the new Jamie Lidell album..or parts thereof? Haven't listened to it but have heard some disappointed reviews. What else has Beck produced?
  5. I was really disappointed to miss this (crazy cold)as I had been really looking forward to seeing The Low Anthem."Oh My God, Charlie Darwin" is a stunning album...just washes the world with a pure aching beauty. The sort of shy revival tent spiritualism quality to the bands work would so, so suit a church setting...and the title song would be made even more poignant in a church. Anybody else but me not give a flying fuck that Feist was there?
  6. allison

    RIP JD Salinger

    This actually saddened me, and I generally don't give a fuck about people I've never met dying. Teddy is one of my favourite, if not favourite, short stories ever written and I've had more tattered paperback copies of Franny and Zooey then I can count.
  7. Happy Birthday to one of my favouritest people ever!
  8. So much love to you and yours right now Eric. Jesse was a great light.hugs and hugs and hugs
  9. AMAZING!!! Lotus is sooo good...been wanting to see them back in Canada for a long time now.
  10. my personal favourite: ACDC - It's a Long way to the Top (if you wanna rock n' roll)
  11. If anyone has an extra plus one I would LOVE it!
  12. I love the Timber Timbre and Bill Callahan albums too. BUT I love these more: Fever Ray- Fever Ray (dark electronica) Bibio-Ambivalence Avenue (airy electronica) Tiny Vipers- Life on Earth (singer songwriter) Mos Def -The Ecstatic (er..Mos Def-ish) Caspian-Tertia (postrock/ambient) Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest Destroyer- Bay of Pigs EP
  13. Jimmy Jazz 52 McDonnell St, Guelph, ON No cover http://www.myspace.com/soundenvelope3 Last Show download
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