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  1. 17 hours ago, Hartamophone said:

    Cool Citizen article about the history of the festival:


    Monahan calls the turnout for Furthur in 2019 “a disaster.” Thanks for nothing, hippies. 

    Furthur didn't seem entirely disastrous bad to me. Must've been at least 4000 on the pitch. You would think Monahan would consider Widespread Panic the 'Hippy Disaster' night..  that was a dark evening, turnout wise. Attendance at the main stage felt like it maxed out at 300 peeps. 

  2. 13 hours ago, tbone said:

    "Jazz-fest has successfully rolled itself, temporarily, across Laurier to Festival Plaza"

    - knowing where the After-Dark tent is usually, how have they fit the main stage on that side as well? 

    (edit 1:  from this https://twitter.com/myleneabizeid/status/1010012187727761409 it looks like the stage is near Laurier and faces east.  I guess tartan stage would have to be almost directly beside this)


    (edit 2:  it seems they have it shown on google maps this year rather than an illustration, https://ottawajazzfestival.com/2018-jazz-festival-map-carte-festival-de-jazz-2018 and tartan stage is over on Lisgar field)

    "leaves the average music lover who didn't bring a chair and doesn't mind being with other people' section quite a small slice"

    - gets worse every year.   and this time around we're supposed to sit on the concrete ?

    Hey tbone! I think Festival Plaza is a temporary site while they fix up the sewers at Confederation Park. It isn't ideal, but it's a nice convenient alternative! The Tartan stage is definitely over on the Lisgar field- same tent.

  3. I agree, it was a lovely night of music. Thanks for the hookup RobL!

     Too bad they couldn't find a mic for the violinist- he was inaudible!

    Also-Not often you see a non-ironic duster on stage or in life. I was a doubter, but the bass player owned it. Also also- how about that 'Dangerous' Wayne Lorenz? Kyla thought he seemed like an over-eager SNL sound-guy parody. I felt like I had a bit of a love/hate, 'what is he doing up there?' vibe. But- I like that Lanois seems to be the welcoming type, and maybe I didn't understand his role.

  4. This loss is still quite surreal, but I find it so touching to read these thoughts on this forum that he clearly loved, and to which he also contributed so much. Especially, accompanied by some familiar avatars/handles long unseen.. It's also truly heartwarming to look back on some of Brad's (often really impressive) writings, and to remember that we really made a difference in his life, just by being a welcoming pack of weirdos. He was truly a human adhesive for this strange collective, keeping records, keeping track. We will miss you bud. RIP Bradm

  5. Hey!


     Been meaning to mention this for a while!


     On Dec 4th, Zeus is playing Zaphod's with openers TUMS, a brand spankin' new supergroup which includes the amazing Murphy bros: Chris and Matt, and Mike O'Neill from the Inbreds and other solo magic-making! This is the first time in a while I've been stoked to line up for an early show at Eugene's.


    Hope to see some of you there!!



  6. Love both the Rheostatics, and Joni Mitchell, and respect them both immensely. 

     I don't think Joni's music requires her to be a politician. Unlike Bidini, and his every-man/every-fan union leader position in Can-Rock. Joni doesn't require the same nice-ness, or approachable enthusiasm, or the explicit artist-audience interaction that defines Bidini's career, because her songs are that good, and her career is that unique. Sometimes assholes make the best art, so I guess deal with it. He has no right to make suggestions about her personality, or opinions- and this piece definitely comes across as desperate, or something... Maybe this is an intentional error in judgement which will eventually act as the opening chapter in a new book about Joni Mitchell? One where after this article, a public feud, and eventual teary reconciliation at the Junos, Bidini is finally invited to meet her for an extensive retreat/interview at her B.C. home, and thoughtfully reflects on stories from her career, and his own, while driving his Chrysler LeBaron across Canada.

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