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  1. I had fun.

    sad though. Lance gave us all kisses and hugs. i tried to slip him the tongue, but i wasn't quick enough. or maybe he wasnt into it.

    Hey Booche, by chance were you one of the government workers dressed as a cow, blocking traffic on Scott st near Preston..?? One of my co-workers was an hour late and that was her excuse.. I enjoyed that mental image.. Especially of booche violently slamming on the hoods of cars in a cow outfit. "We're all cattle man!!" grin.gif" border="0

  2. They recorded the whole festival to dat. We recorded our set off the board thru the DAT to our Tascam, but our road man went to check and the DAT had run out in the middle of the previous tune, so who knows if the recordings will be any good. or cutting in and out or what.

    i should also mention that *Tala* was also really good.

    Crazy improv jamming.. nice to see bands really taking their pants off on stage and going for it.

  3. Hey all..

    many good times were had this weekend in Antigonish NS.. The turnout was a little lower than expected (they expected closer to 4000), with around 2800 or so..

    But it didn't matter.Everyone had a sweet time.

    Friday was apparently amazing with jimmy swift, grand theft bus, The Legendary Burt Neilson Band and the Slip- we were sad we missed it. But we had a good time eating undersized lobsters in PEI..

    We rolled in about noon on Saturday and we were happy to see a busy shakedown, lots of people hanging out by the stage.. Good GOOD vibes all around. lots of camping room and amenities. It was a beautiful day too.. Jazz Pharmacy didn't show, so all the bands had a little extra time, which worked out cool..

    hilights.. aaron Macdonald band. these guys really tore it up right after nero's set. you can tell they are hometown faves.

    Then Jeff/jeffrey of BNB sitting in with Caution jam.. for (i believe) a shakedown..

    Then.. The slip. Holy fuck are these guys good.. everybody has to check them out. Their (and friends) set Saturday included..

    Jeff from BNB


    Dave from nero..

    it was unreal!!!. we should be getting tapes soon. and there were MANY pictures taken. Jeff jammed some cool funky stuff and DAve sat in for a very atmospheric piece. the Ottawa crew was losing their minds.

    We even got to meet the infamous Kung..

    After that was more of what we all love. partying. But made a little more interesting by the fact that it was 2.. yes 2 degrees overnight..

    Can't wait for Frontier town!!

    Bring a blanket!

    wink.gif" border="0

  4. Hey!

    Iread that there will be an episode of the Simpsons this season featuring phish. I've heard that either they are playing a benefit for medical marijuana in Springfield, or their tour bus breaks down and hang out in Springfield.. could be a cruel lie, but i hope not.. grin.gif" border="0

  5. I think the surprise should be... a death-jam night

    6pm- Judas Preist w/members of Soulive

    8pm- slayer w/ Page McConnell

    10pm- Sepultura w/ Bob Weir and Carrot-Top

    12am- All Star jam featuring Lemmy, Robert Walter, Lars Ulrich, Billy Nershi, Rob Halford (of Judas Priest), Skerik, Geddy Lee and Mike Bouchard.. shocked.gif" border="0

  6. YES!! I spent a couple of (VERY) fucked up new years and halloweens at the auberge.. We were going to try and put a newyears show on there last year, but it was too late and the place seems even more dumpy than I remember it.

    I have one very special memory..

    New years, 1996? maybe 95?

    Me and all my crew.. had one big table, enjoying the sounds of Bob Loblaw.. at midnight, every one in the room sparked up, (must've been 400+ people), then the clown appeared with a silver platter littered with sugar cubes. tongue.gif" border="0 Several friends didn't yet fully understand the premise of random doses- ESPECIALLY in homemade cubes. and a couple learned, the hard way, coming back to reality in their underwear in a hull jail cell..

    anybody else have any fun memories.. freeway band was sweet too, never saw them live, but the guitar player/singer has a new band called the Formula, fun stuff, they play some freeway, worth checking out.

  7. I think the m.o.e. rumour is wrong. I've seen a couple posts where people didn't catch on to what Nude Eel was, ie-not sounding it out and figuring it out. so i think someone mentioned monkey on e, because it's the most famous moniker in the scene, and it probably got people to understand what the initial post meant. But maybe I'm wrong, that'd be a sweet show to see.

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