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  1. Hey all..

    For those who went to Wolfe Island.. good call! The sunday was ridiculous at babylon, with 4 bands, and nero being alloted a 30 minute opening slot. Estradasphere consists of guitar, bass, drums, violin, and sax/flute. They were crazy, very Mr.Bungle-like, but not as schizophrenic. THe 2 bands in-between consisted of Dauquiri and Tub Ring.. Daiquiri sounded like faith no more/sepultura on speed, (ans possibly some crack), they had an interesting stage show. Tubring seemed to mention Jesus a few times, and liked screaming a lot.I had a better time in the toking room, taking to the estradashpere guys about the west coast jam scene.. the guy from the santa cruz hemp allstars was cool, and said that now their band, the biscuits and sector 9 all live in Santa cruz.. must be fun..

    Anyway, theres plenty more bitchin and whining I could do, but we'll leave it at that.. Even with 4 bands the turnout was half that of canada day..

    Hope you guys all had a great weekend! peace.


  2. I miss you too booche!!

    don't worry, we'll be reunited soon. wink.gif" border="0. The Estradasphere show should be cool, (for those here), but don't miss a camping extravaganja on account of it. I'd rather be chilling in Rockport with the crew!

    You could probably sneak onto Wolfe Island too. Hopefully they don't have wolves swimming around the shore eating boat people.


  3. .... that i could give you all a coke.

    i also wish that i had fins, so everytime there was danger, I'd just jump in the nearest body of water..

    thirdly, i wish i could dance like sammy davis jr.. he was all class, except for his cock-eye.

    fourthly, i wish i could eat hotdogs everyday.

    fifthly, i wish i could sing, (and shred!!) like sammy Hagar.

    what do you wish? confused.gif" border="0

  4. I disagree that ween and discobiscuits are the only bands worth following. They are both great, (mostly ween), but what about moe? mmw? new deal? Les Claypool FB? These are all raw bands that really push the envelope in their own way. String Cheese does there thing and a lot of very intelligent music lovers adore it. I'd just leave it at that.

    Hey! How about that Grand theft bus?? Holy shit! good stuff.

  5. I think everybody gets what they want out of whichever scene/band they visit. be it regularly or infrequently.. String Cheese can come across as huge, monster musicians or hokey and cliched, I've thought both. But the bottom line is they're tight as hell, and making music they will never sell to any radio station or mtv, ya gotta respect that. They're a more accessible version of Phish. With uglier guys.

    Phish is the ideal band in my mind.. and i think it's the same for a lot of people, so in comparison the Trey scene would feel a little forced because its so new. And it's not phish. and I'm sure half the crowd is hoping that night is the show Phish comes out to surprise the world. If it WAS trey tour the smart head wrote about, wasn't quite sure.

    Regardless, theres no point in pining for the past when there is soo much sweet shit coming out now.. I had no idea at the start of this year that there were soo many great acts in Canada alone..

    am i off track?.. do i care? did i wipe my ass? i can't remember. wink.gif" border="0

  6. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves.. There were some rumours that Trey might sit in, but it never panned out wink.gif" border="0

    People always over analyze stuff.. I saw on the phish.net that someone said lightening struck the venue after last tube, but it was actually just Thunder.. I also forgot about the lyrics to moesha during the encore, "..moesha be jerry, moesha be trey.." pretty funny. The crowd was as hippy as a phish crowd for sure.. less people means less hippies, but they were well represented. Its a really tight, good sounding band. It's not phish.. the jamming is different. But it's still some of the best shit I've heard in a while..


  7. Two nights at redrocks! -thoughts of a monkey.

    I like the Trey band.. highlights of the two nights included an unreal First Tube, a 30 minute plus Sand, that included amazin interplay with Trey and each member of the group individually.. Sweet singalong acoustic Bathtub gin, debut Oysterhead accoustic tune Raydon balloon, a really nice jiboo, Trey saying at the end of the second night.. "you guys are amazing, so patient.. things change, and if it's great to have it still feel good." -there was a collective sigh and 'huh' after that. New song Moesha which sounds like the theme song for a WB sitcom, (but to catchy too forget) also sounds like the soundtrack for those hangovers where the chorus of one song keep going through your head until you throw up-in as good as posible a way. Cayman Review,Windora Bug, Driftin, PUsh on til day, Free thought, Burlap Sacks-all good. The venue is something else. you all must get there someday. if any of my pics work I'll scan em and send em through. Very chill lot, nice people, cool staff. Nice scenery, high altitude=quick drunk..

    Tony is fucking huge.. He sits on a stool for the whole show and his bass is mounted in front of him. I saw a guy showing Tony his t-shirt which featured the Simpsons gangster Fat Tony playing a bass, the real tony didn't look to impressed, and went back to backstage land.

    Overall the shows were great, i tried keeping track for a review, but by setbreak the first night, that became an impossibilty.

    Definitley a hippy crowd.. scaled down Phish show.

    Hmm, got pulled over by a state trooper.

    "you didn't think we knew about that phish guy, huh?

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