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  1. Hey - if ticket is available I'll buy it. PM me.
  2. Oh man- that performance is dark.
  3. Good for them! Though- I'm not sure James McCartney inherited his father's talent, charisma, looks, like-ability, metabolism or hairline.. Anyway, I hope it amounts to more than a tragically hilarious documentary.
  4. Remember the movie Mannequin? What a unique love story that was... The concept gave new optics to 'Today's Special' too.
  5. Love both the Rheostatics, and Joni Mitchell, and respect them both immensely. I don't think Joni's music requires her to be a politician. Unlike Bidini, and his every-man/every-fan union leader position in Can-Rock. Joni doesn't require the same nice-ness, or approachable enthusiasm, or the explicit artist-audience interaction that defines Bidini's career, because her songs are that good, and her career is that unique. Sometimes assholes make the best art, so I guess deal with it. He has no right to make suggestions about her personality, or opinions- and this piece definitely comes across as desperate, or something... Maybe this is an intentional error in judgement which will eventually act as the opening chapter in a new book about Joni Mitchell? One where after this article, a public feud, and eventual teary reconciliation at the Junos, Bidini is finally invited to meet her for an extensive retreat/interview at her B.C. home, and thoughtfully reflects on stories from her career, and his own, while driving his Chrysler LeBaron across Canada.
  6. Kudos to Booche for saving this situation.
  7. Mama-mia, Poo-poo pee-a! A Frisell is Dead record would RULE.
  8. Gotta love when they start a set with those mischievous glances. Is the outro strut in reference to that Crumb animation:
  9. A lot of very good work in this thread! Thanks for the giggles!
  10. I feel like a re-brand would refresh things, and possibly invigorate more content and participation. It would definitely encourage interest from new people who are adverse to the word 'jamband'. In some ways, I know I've become a little embarrassed to use the word- because its essentially unrecognized as a genre/aesthetic these days, and is moreso used in a derogatory manner. I think the literal translation to the masses is probably something like 'drug music'. (Theres the new brand!!) but srsly- I think our shared interests here exceed 'jambands,' and attracting new blood and a wider circle of contributors maybe only a new, carefully chosen url away. Anyway- my 0.02
  11. gentlemonkey

    Bluesfest 2014

    BILL!! We need to have a 'Freaks and Geeks' party! Glad you enjoyed my meatstick Velvet.
  12. I was pushing for "no-under wear, thin linens dress code"- but the rest of the band thought it might make the energy in the room a little too, uhh, explosive. SO - really just wear your favourite cruise gear, Buffet attire, or whatever you please.
  13. This sounds amazing Brad! I'll be there! JUSTICE FOR LIFE!
  14. This is also going to be great! I've never been ta pressed, except that one time when my hamster died. Is it called Pressed because they make Paninis, btw?
  15. gentlemonkey

    Bluesfest 2014

    Country Fans are organized... and they deploy quickly!
  16. gentlemonkey

    Bluesfest 2014

    Oh, and yes- BLONDIE is pretty exciting!!
  17. gentlemonkey

    Bluesfest 2014

    Yes- the headliners are pretty vomitous bunch. Journey really gets this kind of billing? I thought they were on the mid west county fair cicuit? That said, there are some treats, hopefully playing decent small stage heady time slots.. I'm lookin at you Deltron 3030, Pink Mountaintops, Bonobo, Jeff Tweedy, St. Vincent, Jenny Lewis..
  18. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, buuuuut... the last time I saw STYX they had a beautiful and familiar face behind the keys..... LARR..... (ahem)..... LAWRENCE GOWAN! They did a sick Gowan Medley too-> Criminal Mind>Strange Animal .. .yes yes ya'll (fingers crossed soo tight my fingernails are dangling at the cuticle)
  19. I'd like to speculate a little more.. Howsabout: Beck! Spoon! Neutral Milk Hotel!
  20. Hey dudes! Yacht Rocking floods the Rainbow April 4th! We're spending our evenings overdosing on Player, Hall & Oates, Ace, Fleetwood Mac, Toto and Steely Dan- and so should you!! At least this night! P-Craft is on between 10-12! It's our first time at this exciting sea-worthy venue, so come out and help us dedicate this old girl with a quart of 50! Come! Gasp at our expanding repertoire! Dance to our infectious smoothness! Consider metaphor and allegory in the lyrics of Tom Cochrane! Pleasure Craft is sharing the night with Toronto funk band JUICE - who sound great! (If you like super tight jamz!) Pleasure Craft
  21. Ga Ga Ooh La La. Phish, Petty and Springsteen sounds good to me! daveyboy- that faceplant surfer gif cracks me up everytime, so good.
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