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  1. I had a really fantastic time on Saturday. It's always great seeing all my favorite people jammed into one place at one time. The music almost seemed secondary upon arrival. That was until the music started. The Death Cake or as JP referred to them as, Necrotic Confectionery, were snappin' necks and cashin' cheques. Large and loud and in my face - just the way I like it. It was almost without effort that these two masterfully shot tasty licks and crispy beats all over the crowd like they were a 3 dollar whore. There were a handful of really comforting sounds that once might come to expect from this duo, given their musicial linage, but a whole bag of new nasty, little tricks that were unleashed on us. I'd run not walk to their next outing if I were you. Jean Michel du Chocolat and Bobby Vanilla are going to fill that venue with so much hot strange, you're going to have a hard time clamoring to get in.

    As for my first taste of Bob Loblaw, well, let's just say these guys aren't for the casual listener. Their extremely intricate, uptempo rhythms were stuffed to the gills with great melody, ripping guitar lines and witticisms that took me until two songs later to ingest. There was nary a genre not baked into the delicious ear-fucking sandwich that Mr. Loblaw served hot and fresh. The association to god of genre bending, Frank Zappa, was easily made, but their sound not derivative. They craft a sound so tight and oddly curious that they commanded my full attention, which is hard to do these days given my advancing years. I will certainly be sidling up for another serving from the Laaaahblah, whenever they'll have me.

    What a nice re-counting, we love you too SpecialB! I nominate Fluff as a new Toronto jamband.ca contributor!

    Let's get some more Fluffing going on round here!

    Thanks to everyone for coming out, and I agree- Bob Loblaw is always such a treat to see (and hear!) in action. It's almost like being simultaneously aurally pollinated by four musically pent up bumblebees, but truly, much more so like being fucked, in the ear..

    .. and Death Cake had a blast playing our second show.. Still working out the bugs and writing tunes, so I'm sure we'll have more in the months to come!

  2. RIP, amen brother.

    Not the most timely news, but damn, talk about giving the heart strings a painful tugging Jay Dawg!

    I'll always remember Wheels as the awkwardly good-natured, pink-sweater wearing bass player of Zit Remedy. He brought a lot of people joy and happiness with his music.

    He also stood by his glasses, for better or worse.

    'Everybody wants something, they'll never give up'

    I don't even want to talk about 'School's Out!'

  3. Everyone should REALLY try and catch this next week! The performing area has been moved to the floor and it's nice and vibey. The sound is great and man can these guys play together!

    Also, Velvet doesn't smoke until after the show, so its a chance to see him really edgy!


  4. I'm kind of surprised to not see any discussion of this growing movement on here..

    What do you think?

    I think it's really exciting! It seems like a perfectly gentle and directed campaign.. I like that it's intentionally leader-less.. although ambiguous as to its 'end-game' expectation- I think their statements have all been sensible and anyone that's come forward to speak for the movement has been fair and eloquent.. A continually growing peaceful show of power that might continue for a long time can only result in some kind of change.. it's about time USA!

    Do you find this exciting?

    Do you feel like this could bring any change?

    I have a big respect for people dropping their lives to support this movement.

    Occupy !

  5. I thought it was a pretty fun show! K and I were on the floor next to the soundboard and found the sound to be somewhere between shrill and ear-splitting, but once my brilliant wife produced some toilet paper to shove in my ears, it sounded pretty nice. Amazing though, how low the overall band mix is underneath Eddie's vocals. He is the still the star of this show. That said, it's awesome to see a true front-man rock the eff out like Eddie. Is it me, or was he looking a little Bruce Springsteen-y with the slicked lid, telecaster and black jeans.

    They are a definitely great rock'n'roll band with super dedicated fans- I haven't heard Scotia Bank place that raucous in a while. Highlight for me was definitely 'Breath' from the Singles soundtrack... and it was a treat to see the other tunes I knew I liked... and ride between the rails of enjoyment and boredom/distaste for the others.

    Lots of clean cut dorks screaming along with 'Better Man' was pretty funny.. as well as the number of 'Tabernacs!" the french dudes behind us dropped through-out the set.

    Setlist from their forum:

    Pearl Jam

    Scotiabank Place

    Ottawa, ON. CA

    Sept. 14, 2011

    Set List

    01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

    02. Last Exit

    03. Do The Evolution

    04. MFC

    05. Unthought Known

    06. Low Light

    07.Given To Fly

    08. Setting Forth

    09. Whipping

    10. Corduroy

    11. Evenflow

    12. Grievance

    13. Lukin

    14. Breath

    {Ed talks about the 5 year anniversary of "Wishlist Foundation" and some of the causes they have been supporting. He also thanks the founder Laura Trafton.}

    15. Wishlist

    16. Olé

    17. 1/2 Full

    18. Betterman/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)


    19. The End

    20. Inside Job

    21. Just Breathe

    22. Off He Goes

    23. Why Go

    24. The Fixer

    25. Rearviewmirror


    26. Come Back {played by request of an unnamed friend of the band}

    27. The Real Me-(Townshend)

    28. Alive

    29. Yellow Ledbetter

    It was cool to take a glimpse into a different world of do-it-yourselfishness. Our band is way better.

  6. I've seen them a bunch of times, but I once saw the Dayglos at the SIlver City in Banff when I was working at Sunshine Village- in the season of 95/96. Cretin wasn't there, so it was just Jimbo on vocals. Might have been the little man in a canoe tour. It was their tour ender and they were doing a shot at the start of every song. in the middle of TwoDogsFucking, the rythm guitar player spewed puke all over himself and his guitar and didn't miss a note. I was very impressed.

    Jesus Bonehead rules.

  7. I think you nailed it fluffhead77- moedown needs segregation! lol. Its actually kind of true.


    It was a great time and moe. played great. They have reworked some of their newest tunes and Billy Goat, Suck a Lemon and a few other new ones are really getting good. It was definitely under attended too, so strolling to a great viewing area between the soundboard and the stage was easy for any set. The weather was actually pretty good for the most part.. until Sunday, which was total crap, and kind of brought the vibe down a bit.

    Don't have much to report in the way of the other acts- I thought Ween phoned it in a bit. TVOTR was fun, or at least what I caught. Bruce Hornsby was great but made a strangely timed remark about Robbie Robertson and his songwriting affiliation with him- and kind of poked the crowd into applause- before playing a song they'd written together, right before Levon Helm's set.

    Overall though, a great famoely reunion.

    Security was a bit annoying the first day for sure.

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