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  2. I think you nailed it fluffhead77- moedown needs segregation! lol. Its actually kind of true. It was a great time and moe. played great. They have reworked some of their newest tunes and Billy Goat, Suck a Lemon and a few other new ones are really getting good. It was definitely under attended too, so strolling to a great viewing area between the soundboard and the stage was easy for any set. The weather was actually pretty good for the most part.. until Sunday, which was total crap, and kind of brought the vibe down a bit. Don't have much to report in the way of the other acts- I thought Ween phoned it in a bit. TVOTR was fun, or at least what I caught. Bruce Hornsby was great but made a strangely timed remark about Robbie Robertson and his songwriting affiliation with him- and kind of poked the crowd into applause- before playing a song they'd written together, right before Levon Helm's set. Overall though, a great famoely reunion. Security was a bit annoying the first day for sure.
  3. i voted again, twice! I love breaking the law for you two.
  4. Like the story, and the idea of you guys in Colorado! win it!
  5. No thanks on the cats, but congrats on the job! 2 years in Paris sounds like an amazing opportunity.
  6. Holy Shit.. that is terrible... and definitely really weird that we're seeing this for the third time this summer. sad stuff.
  7. Jealous, Hoolia! I hope you get a tasty 'river by the garden'.. have a great time!!
  8. Chesney i mean, but I like Chestnutt better
  9. I can't wait to get my Kenny Chestnutt on!!
  10. Sad news.. always loved her voice and words, but she definitely always had this tragedy in waiting vibe happening. It's sad she was made to perform when she was obviously not fit- as some of those clips suggest.
  11. Happy Birthday Chadwick... I hope you day is filled with hoppy IPAS and crispy visors. Keep that mane in check brah.
  12. Yeah what happened? I missed them but I was reading on another board just how horrible they were. They seemed to be lazily hacking through the set. Lots of off key screaming, and messy drumming although they hit some stuff okay, lots of talk of being hungover. Kind of reminded me of nero, summer 04.
  13. Sorry we couldn't make it Sharon! Hopefully we'll have another opportunity soon!
  14. no, its probably something to miss- i was being facetious. I will check them out though, to see if maybe I was wrong as a teenager. I recently re-heard their first record, and it's actually okay. its just the page/morrison resemblances and tendencies that always turned me off..lots of flowy shirts and gibson les pauls played with a bow.
  15. Awesome.. I think most folks will agree that things don't get much sweeter than seeing a show like that in your backyard, amongst all your friends. ..but it's really just an appetizer for the Tea Party tonight. 'TEMP TAAA TION'...
  16. Great write up Todd! I'm sorry I missed the No Quarter!
  17. What a Superball it was!! Made the last minute decision to join a pretty spectacular crew for 4 nights of rock'n'roll- and it couldn't have been more amazing.. Phish played great, awesome setlists.. great weather.. ran our first festie 5k race which was probably the most beautiful buzz of the whole weekend. Thanks to everyone for being so much fun.. and for the Glen Closers for taking the time to get us in to their domain. I hope they do it there again- great venue.
  18. thanks everyone! Looks like they got the most votes.. but apparently there is also some 'judging' that occurs. I'll let you know if you helped make someone's dream come true..
  19. it's nice to see people finally talking about butt-hash. It's the shit!! mmm. Only one hour of voting left.. and the Canadians are in the lead.. lets help them stay there! boat bote boite!! i mean vote! vote! vote!!
  20. I've also heard he heats up the oils with his breath! Talk about organic.
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