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  1. I LOVE Death From Above but....

    that was one of the worst shows I have ever seen.

    Yeah what happened? I missed them but I was reading on another board just how horrible they were.

    They seemed to be lazily hacking through the set. Lots of off key screaming, and messy drumming although they hit some stuff okay, lots of talk of being hungover. Kind of reminded me of nero, summer 04.

  2. is tea party something not to be missed? i was planning to take tonight off.

    no, its probably something to miss- i was being facetious. I will check them out though, to see if maybe I was wrong as a teenager. I recently re-heard their first record, and it's actually okay.

    its just the page/morrison resemblances and tendencies that always turned me off..lots of flowy shirts and gibson les pauls played with a bow.

  3. What a Superball it was!!

    Made the last minute decision to join a pretty spectacular crew for 4 nights of rock'n'roll- and it couldn't have been more amazing.. Phish played great, awesome setlists.. great weather.. ran our first festie 5k race which was probably the most beautiful buzz of the whole weekend.

    Thanks to everyone for being so much fun.. and for the Glen Closers for taking the time to get us in to their domain. I hope they do it there again- great venue.

  4. I should mention that all legitimate votes will be valid for one gift certificate, valid for a 90 minute foot massage from our own friend and local legend, Davey Boy. He is considered a leader in the emerging field of creative reflexology, employing a variety of spiced oils, unorthodox friction techniques, gonzo psychology, chanting and rough play. Do yourself a favour and vote!!

  5. Atomic sounds great- but I've already got my K.D. pre-party in full swing.. Slicked my hair, put on nicely pressed, collared country-style shirt, tucked into some well ironed slacks, with suspenders... eating a steamy bucket of Kraft Dinner and screaming the lyrics to 'Constant Craving' at the top of my lungs..

    ..I'm sorry, but no one is invited.

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