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  1. I should mention that all legitimate votes will be valid for one gift certificate, valid for a 90 minute foot massage from our own friend and local legend, Davey Boy. He is considered a leader in the emerging field of creative reflexology, employing a variety of spiced oils, unorthodox friction techniques, gonzo psychology, chanting and rough play. Do yourself a favour and vote!!
  2. Hey everyone, My buddies, Patti and Kaila (PaK across the world) are in the lead for a contest to win a free trip to Everest.. the voting closes in 4 hours, so I'm trying to help in the final push to victory! If you don't mind dropping a vote for them- they would appreciate it! Thanks! PaK Everest contest!
  3. Atomic sounds great- but I've already got my K.D. pre-party in full swing.. Slicked my hair, put on nicely pressed, collared country-style shirt, tucked into some well ironed slacks, with suspenders... eating a steamy bucket of Kraft Dinner and screaming the lyrics to 'Constant Craving' at the top of my lungs.. ..I'm sorry, but no one is invited.
  4. 1- Human Nature, Fish on Vox. 2- Spock's Brain 3- I Saw it Again 4- Sloth>Icculus 5- Gumbo Would also love to see anything from the Halloween 'Waiting for Colombus' repretoire..!!
  5. I'm thinking I should treat myself to a rack sometime this week.. Please enter opinions here as to the best!
  6. I see I'm late to be helpful for dinner- but for lunch tomorrow, go to the Barakat for a delicious beef shawarma, with some of the most explosively pungent garlic sauce I've ever encountered.. or the peanut butter cheese burger across the street at the Prince Alberts is amazing as well.
  7. Is it cool if I show if me and my bro show up dressed like the Lone Ranger and Tonto? I think it would take things up a notch.
  8. We also really enjoyed Darien.. though the sets lacked the kind of flow that makes for a standout performance, things remained interesting all night. Great to see a bunch of you there.. ps- Wassink, sorry we didn't get to hang out! Hope the bachelorette was a huge success!
  9. Back when getting high and spending hours buzzed out of my tits in a McDick's was heaven on earth- a buddy of ours invented the McTaco. So basically, he would get a Double Big Mac with extra Mac sauce and BBQ sauce.. He would open it right up, take one of the middle breads (with one patty and cheese slice inside and some of the onion/lettuce dust hanging around) fold it, and fill it with ketchup... then do the same with the other 1/4 bread, and another patty'n'stuff and fill it with Mac Sauce. and sometimes BBQ sauce.. SO-after eating those (head tilted) he'd be left with a normal, though slightly mutilated, regular Big Mac to round out the meal, and give him that pure Big Mac flavour. This never appealed to me, but the ability to crank up the calories so much always kind of impressed me.
  10. gentlemonkey


    ...agreed. The imagary of Jerry Lee on stage, eyes closed in the Jesus Christ pose, being showered in thunderous applause, cat calls and disposable briefs is something I'll keep with me forever.
  11. gentlemonkey


    Thanks for the great logs Todd..
  12. HA! I was totally picturing you and Lambert mowing on Grilled Human-Cheeses... haha...naw, really though, if it melts real nice I probably wouldn't know the difference. Unless maybe there was a nursing mother watching me with great interest. "mmmm!!! gahd- thats so good!!' "he likes it.. I knew it'
  13. gentlemonkey


    I like to imagine the tour guide on the Mecca visit... looking over their shoulder to see our hero cross legged on the studio floor swaying like a young music fan to an imaginary bluesman, or singing one of his own songs into the famous microphone.
  14. YES GUY!!! Very stoked to see the Unseen Strangers. But I'm double stoked to see WHITEY throwing down 50th BDAY Stylez!!
  15. LD!!! Season 6 is some of the funniest TV ever.
  16. Sending my healing vibes, by coconut telegraph!!
  17. wow- that picture is pretty shocking considering how porky he was back in July. I hope Gener is okay!
  18. '.. he's always struck me as delightfully feminine. his handshake is also quite limp, almost lady-like..' Said Monohan defending the announcement that Xavier Rudd would be headlining this years 'Ladyfest'...
  19. "It's really about celebrating the fact that we are all West, of Quebec" said Monohan at a press conference confirming Westboro's Westfest as the newest Ottawa music festival under the Bluesfest umbrella.
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