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  1. So, one of our kitties has a growing bald area on her belly, ass and haunches.. we also noticed she has hacked up some disturbingly huge hairballs. (by 'noticed', I mean 'stepped in')

    Anyway, we have changed up her food recently in case its an allergy, but does anyone have any experience in this?

    Are there gross flavoured sprays I could coat her underside with? I have caught her 'snacking' on herself quite often lately.

    Aesthetically, I'm okay with it. but I'm worried if she ends up in the real world someday, other kitties may judge her harshly.


  2. Terrible, sad news.

    She was a light for many people around here- she cared about this community and worked actively at making it stronger. She cared about all of us, and all 'this'.

    I remember in nero's early tours the USA, we would often meet people she had convinced to come out and see us. Defintely helped us feel a little less alone out there.

    She was generous, hilarious and brilliant- and these were things someone would know had they only met her online.

    A pillar of our community is gone. Thinking of you Basher- I'm so sorry. XO Jay

  3. Remember that time we went to Ithaca to see moe. (we had a huge posse at that one)... and after a night of Saranacs and upstate NY pizza we all passed out... in the morning, i acted as a human alarm clock and woke up a room full of people, with alarm tone set to 'fart', volume set to max.

    I'll never forget how happy he was with those farts. Laughing and kicking the sheets in delight. Its rare that I relish the opportunity to showcase flatulants- but i did for hood. he was good.

  4. Living Color was fun. Vernon Reid was my favourite guitar player of the night.. but their renditions still kind of still felt misguided. No one played good versions of anything, really.

    I thought Corey Glover looked a bit like Theo from late era Cosby Shows.

    Their drummer was a huge step up from the dude from the other band- who didn't really fit the bill, I found.


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