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  1. A cardboard box, eh? Now that's loyalty. I've got my home and away shirts, my toque and lighters for all games. But I don't consider myself "hardcore" as I've seen many fans who's loyalty and sheer admiration is incredible. But you get a good mix of fans anywhere and the difference between everyone is cool. Good job on the definition Phakinit!!! Always have a dictionary close by!! Cheers....Can
  2. Well there's a question.....Every fan, or phan, in my opinion is different. What makes a fan? Loyalty to the team? Knowing stats? Quirky game get-up garb? All of the above or none of the above? You be the judge. That's a tough question. A different answer for every person I'd say. Cheers....Can
  3. GTB opening for JSB this Friday at the Zone. Cheers.....
  4. Do I detect a scent of desperation there, rubberdinghy? Must admit that my nerves are a bit raw. Have a good game tonight! Cheers....
  5. If I were in the capitol, I'd meet up to watch the game. But alas, I'm in T.O. and possibly working late but keeping the fingers crossed to get out and have a pint or two while watching the shenanigans. Good luck to the Sens, but I'll be cheering for the Leafs, a team that I've been following faithfully all season and caught a few games at the ACC. Seems that rubberdinghy feels we're not true fans.....ha ha ha; couldn't resist that dig!! Cheers all.....
  6. Well I see that the "wine" didn't taste so good to a few of the Sens fans, but like I said before, it's all in fun. I was really hoping to see the Habs take out Carolina, but maybe next year. The 10 minute bullsh_t call on Gilmour was pathetic. The officiating in the series as a whole has been terrible. Nothing has been consistant. Enough said on that topic. So to all watching the game tonight, may the best team win and bring the cup back home to Canada. Cheers!!
  7. BRING IT ON BABY!! While this has been one hell-uv-a round two series, one must think if the Leafs had some of their players back who are injured, would it have gone this far??? If it wasn't for Roberts and the whole team contributing, I don't think the Leafs would have made it. Character for sure. I'm sick of hearing people calling the Leafs "Whiners". If any other team had to put up with the bad calls and un-calls, I'm sure they'd be just as frustrated. However, it's all in fun and it's made for some great hockey. Toronto is going to go nuts on Tuesday. Hope the Sens have ghost repellant 'cause they must be feeling haunted by seasons past........ What is that saying??? Oh yeah, GO LEAFS GO!!!!!
  8. Section 103 is where you'll find DownTime & The Amazing Road-ies for the Phil Show. Yeeee-Haaaa!
  9. "A True Canadian" It's game seven of the final round for Lord Stanley's Cup and a man shows up and takes his seat third row, center ice. There is an empty seat beside him. After the game starts, he leans over and asks the person on the other side of the empty seat if he knows the story behind the "empty seat". The fellow replies, "It's my wife's seat. We've gone to every single playoff game in the 45 years that we've been married. But she passed away." The other gentleman offers his condolences and asks why the man didn't bring one of his friends instead. The widower replied,"They're all at the funeral!"
  10. OUCH!! Gotta hand it to the Sens, they kicked our asses HARD! Leafs are definitely tired and bruised and Sens are hot and well rested. I'm not going to give up on the Leafs. There is still the possibility of another six games, though not likely if the Leafs can't get it back together. Hopefully it won't end up like the Leafs/Islanders series. That was crap.......Flag burning, booing and throwing trash at players? "That Good Ole Hocky Game......" It's all good!
  11. I've enjoyed reading people's thoughts and opinions in this section towards different topics. Last night I read that over 200 people were arrested at Widespread's recent show in Georgia and among those, one overdosed and another committed suicide. Nasty to say the very least. Widespread is now supporting the fight against drugs, though not specific to types. I'm curious to here what people's take on this is as sometimes I find it seems that drugs have become a large part of the scene which sometimes leads to a bad rap on the jam scene and the listeners. Your thoughts?
  12. Hey there, You should clean your DAT deck after about 20 hours of use. Over-cleaning will result in excess wear of you machine's heads and replace the cleaning tape after a few uses. Can't help you with the price of DAT's. They're not cheap in T.O.
  13. For anyone out there who might be interested: On the weekend of Friday May 31 and June 1 there is a small music event in St. Andrews featuring Jimmy Swift Band Fri and GTB Sat with various acts in the afternoon. Should be a good time and also when St. Andrews is a little quiet before the summer invasion of tourists.
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