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  1. From Casbah Facebook site: Doors 8pm, $10.00 Two openers: Blue Magnolia, Conservation Authority Deep Dark Woods on at 11pm (until 12:30)
  2. Happy Canada day to everyone, see you at Superball!
  3. Tonight's the night...get your arse down to this kick ass event! partyparty
  4. IN IN IN Leaving thursday after work...GA camping, we will be setting up a fine canadian site!!!
  5. Hi all you skanks, just want to let you know that my sister and her hubby to be are having their Stag and Doe this coming saturday. The Fat Cats are playing and they will do two sets, starting at 9pm, so come one come all and support this event!!! Stag and Doe for Abe Williams and Karen Wassink Saturday June 25th 7:30 - 1:00 Airforce Club 128 King Street East Dundas, ON $15.00 at the door FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=200811623292185
  6. In! Leaving at 9:30...Staying at the Lodge...party down kiddies...
  7. Just got this album today...listened to is twice in a row, it's so lovely!
  8. Gee thanks skanks! A good day it was indeed! Now on to the next year...
  9. OFFICIAL: IN $200 tix have been secured!
  10. Thanks for the advice rustle...I'm still deciding between the two camping options, there's not very much info on the official site, wish there was a good map already. Guess I will let it ponder for a couple more hours. Haven't been to a Phish festie since Oswego, this is going to be a blast!!!
  11. Still trying to figure out the difference between the two onsite camping options....other than the price-ha!
  12. Crazy news! Hmmm...wondering about the difference between the general ticket/camping for $200 vs the Glen Close Camping for $370....Any ideas?
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