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  1. This the first show that you can get a copy of our brand new Vinyl!
  2. This Friday August 16 join Must Stash Hat, Cherry Garcia Band and Drupe live at The Cameron House(Back room) in Toronto. 10pm-2am $10
  3. This Saturday Aug 10 Must Stash Hat and our friends Colour Picture Book are playing Heartwood Hall! https://globalnews.ca/video/rd/1340832323816/?jwsource=cl
  4. Musicians need to make money any way they can these days.
  5. Saturday May 25 Must Stash Hat live at Sip Club 91 Wyndham st N Guelph 10pm-2am No Cover
  6. https://jambands.com/news/2019/05/03/chris-robinson-brotherhood-to-headline-tail-winds-music-fest/ Despite their upcoming split with keyboardist Adam MacDougall and impending, five-month break from touring, Chris Robinson Brotherhood will headline the one-day Tail Winds Music Fest on June 29. Tail Winds will take place at the Hudson Valley Regional Airport in Wappingers Falls, NY, and feature additional performers like Black Stone Cherry, Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime, King’s X, and Sass Jordan, as well as Big Guns, The Playback and The Jason Gisser Band. As for the CRB, they are still set to release their sixth studio album, Servants of the Sun on June 14. For tickets and more information on Tail Winds Music Fest click here. .
  7. UdomeU( pronounced you-do-me-you) used to be a song called Mustashat, years ago, when the band was called blue hat cove. When we needed a new band name I suggested mustashat, and everyone agreed, but then we had to change the song name, so, you do me you(UdomeU), is the last word of each of the 4 lines of the chorus. who are YOU, what do you DO, you know ME, I know YOU. We like playing original music and are fortunate that people like our music and still come to shows and dance and have a good time. This is Must Stash Hat's 15th year active. It seems strange to me, cause when BNB celebrated 10 years at the opera house at the legendary show, I though 10 years was a long time. Through the years we have jammed with Mike and Jeff from BNB, Josh, from the Fatties, and Ryan from Diesel Dog. Thanks for checking it out! I feel fortunate to have met and hung out with BradM many times, through the years, and it was a real honor to have him tape and upload our shows from Ottawa. He really loved music. We have over 110 live shows on Live Music Archive https://archive.org/details/Mustashat If you are still reading this and are interested in the current jam scene in Ontario, make sure to see Zuffalo and Roadwaves live. Trust me. Also check out Flat 5 and Conor Gains.
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