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  1. The new Conor Oberst album is phenomenal. So is the new Lana Del Ray (which I didn't see coming)
  2. you should probably where a life jacket at all times! Good idea!
  3. They loved Waterloo. I tried to get the show in Guelph but Waterloo offered more money knowing it would sell out no matter what the cost of the ticket. That joint is fuckin' TINY. Such a treat to see them in a venue like that. Very rare.
  4. Her making it through The Rock Show.... HARDCORE!!
  5. The show was sold out. The reason they played Kitchener is because I negotiated the deal between the venue and DBT's agent. They had played Starlight and sold it out and knew it would sell out again. It was an incredible show, love seeing them in such a tiny venue.
  6. That was a helluva show! Getting to see them in a venue that size is amazing. Likely to never happen again unless someone has an extra $10'000 kicking around. Hope folks had fun seeing them at TURF today and Ottawa Bluesfest on Sunday.
  7. No clue when they will go on but I'm showing up around 8pm lol
  8. Can't wait!!! 2 hours of rock!
  9. Wish I could be there. Should be a great show.
  10. :surprise: Come check out Toadhouse again at The Hive June 6th. Last time was a blast. TOADHOUSE @ THE HIVE!
  11. There are way too many shows this summer!
  12. Lionel Richie: All The Hits All Night Long Tour AWESOME!!!
  13. Last time Shonna was so wasted by the end of the night she could barely stand. Awesome!
  14. Aawwwww SHIT! There's stairs?!
  15. The Starlight in Waterloo holds 300 people. This one will be one sweaty rock n' roll party. No opener, it's An Evening with Drive-By Truckers
  16. Neutral Milk Hotel is confirmed
  17. Toronto - Sony Center. Mine's on the 27th
  18. Wooohooo! Our birthday weekend buddy! Gotta love Jazz Fest! I'll be spending my b-day with Beck though.
  19. Woods - With Light and With Love Great album
  20. Forgot about this. Downloading it now. Thanks for the heads up.
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