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  1. The show was sold out.

    The reason they played Kitchener is because I negotiated the deal between the venue and DBT's agent. They had played Starlight and sold it out and knew it would sell out again.

    It was an incredible show, love seeing them in such a tiny venue.

  2. That was a helluva show!

    Getting to see them in a venue that size is amazing. Likely to never happen again unless someone has an extra $10'000 kicking around. Hope folks had fun seeing them at TURF today and Ottawa Bluesfest on Sunday.

  3. Last time they played at the starlight I was hard into the triple rum and cokes. I was really drunk. I know eventually my wife got me into the car and two hours later she was kicking me and saying angrily "you're home, get out of the car"

    Last time Shonna was so wasted by the end of the night she could barely stand. Awesome!

  4. The Starlight in Waterloo holds 300 people.

    This one will be one sweaty rock n' roll party.

    No opener' date=' it's An Evening with Drive-By Truckers [/quote']

    i'm betting you don't even make it up the stairs and into the show before getting kicked out

    Aawwwww SHIT! There's stairs?!

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