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  1. I sure hope not. Can't buy tickets 'til the middle of the month and the assfaces at the Starlight won't even give me a guestlist spot despite me putting this show on a silver platter for them. Dicks
  2. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. $40 Tickets
  3. I've been trying to get a club show for DBT because a 70 min set at TURF is just not enough rock show for me. After an exhausting month of trying to find someone to pay for the band I am pleased to announce... DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS @ THE STARLIGHT - WATERLOO FRIDAY JULY 4TH
  4. This Wednesday $10 is a steal to see this band.
  5. ORCH36, row NNN, seats 13-11
  6. When I first saw that name I read it as Skinny Puppy. lol
  7. I'm hoping for some goooood seats when the general public onsale gets crackin' at noon.
  8. Dang, that looks like fun. How many people dressed up for the occasion ?
  9. Thank NW. I was getting freaked out there.
  10. How do these pre-sale things work? It looks like the show is totally sold out and the tickets aren't on sale until Saturday. Can they sell out the venue before the general public gets a chance? It was supposed to be asked to enter a code for it and it never did. Did I really get shut out because I didn't do the pre sale?
  11. 3 sets of Rose Garland Saturday June 21st The Hive - 200 King St. E Kitchener, ON
  12. Friday June 27th Tickets on sale Saturday Ticketbastards
  13. I wish I lived in Ottawa... at least for this weekend.
  14. Thanks to everyone that made it out on Friday. My first time seeing Toadhouse, amazing.
  15. Can't wait! Should be a fun night. 2 sets of full on Toadhouse!
  16. I've got no complaints, I'd love to see Elton John and Lionel Richie!
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