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  1. pfftt.. I wish. I dunno, they have some LED lights up there somewhere. I have to learn the soundboard tomorrow so if it sounds like shit at the show... my bad! lol I'll have someone with me.
  2. Not sure why they skip it every time but there is currently no Montreal date I know of.
  3. Plus I get to do the lighting!!! Should be a fun night.
  4. Really hope some of you can make it out. I've never had the pleasure of seeing Toadhouse before so I'm excited.
  5. Spoke with their booking agent to try and get a show worked out for Waterloo or Hamilton when they come to Toronto. Possible July 4th show in Waterloo. BOOYAA
  6. Drive-By Truckers are going to be added to the bill according to their booking agent.
  7. Drive-By Truckers are playing 100% They're also getting added to TURF
  8. I think this lineup isn't half as good as last year. Maybe it's just me. I just saw Neutral Milk, Deer Tick I've seen a ton of times... I was really expecting something like Drive-By Truckers. Or another band that would bring in a diverse crowd. And who the fuck is Sam Roberts? Why are they a headliner? Did I miss a meeting?
  9. The venue is under new management. I guess it used to have a bad rap. I met with the owner today and asked about the "no knapsack" rule having to be on every poster and he wouldn't budge! Apparently too many people have brought in their own booze. I tried to assure him this was a mature enough crowd but who am I kidding... I booked the show, I'm bringing a knapsack! I really hope a lot of ya'll in the area can make it out. The whole night belongs to Toadhouse and I'm sure it's going to be a great night.
  10. FUCK YES!!! I wish we were getting one of the shows with Deer Tick but what can ya do?
  11. Thanks. Sorry for low ballin' ya. I don't get much strippin' these days.
  12. I have NO idea why the bar owner insisted on me putting that on the poster. I guess they've had issues with knapsacks in the past?! Still WTF?!?!
  13. HEY CHECK IT OUT...Dan Auld made a cool poster!
  14. C'mon out to The Hive (200 King. St. E. Kitchener) on Friday Feb. 21st Pretty sure these guys haven't played Kitchener before so if you're in the area come check them out. Toadhouse
  15. Coachella 2014 Lookin' good!!
  16. Did this info come from Rolling Stone magazine?
  17. hahahahhahaaaa.... that Santa fight is epic!
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