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  1. Not Canadian but I thought some Hold Steady fans will enjoy the "talk rock".
  2. I'm not surprised. They're a phenomenal live band. People need to pull their heads outta their asses and LISTEN!
  3. I really wish Montreal or a Toronto date would have panned out. I guess Darien is still an option if I bother with the whole passport ordeal.
  4. About the same as me. I re-activated mine recently to follow the whole Charlie Sheen shit. @Esau13 haha... I did exactly the same! I can't keep on it. Maybe if I had a cell phone that I was constantly in my face I'd give a shit but I don't.
  5. I had to leave after the first set but what I heard was great. Really nice seeing these two playing acoustic together again.
  6. Cool. They've done that before and I thought it sounded great.
  7. I heard the Zeus show at Horseshoe last night was great. I'm hitting the Middle Brother/Deer Tick/Dawes show tonight but that's it.
  8. Steely Dan Molson Amphitheater Friday July 22nd While touring in the new century, Donald Fagen (vocals, keyboards) and Walter Becker (guitar) have been supported on stage by the fine musicians below. Jim Beard [Keyboards: '08 '09, '11] Keith Carlock [Drums: '03- '11] Jon Herington [Guitar: '00-'11] Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery [b. Vocals: '00-'11] Michael Leonhart [Trumpet, Keys: '00-' '11 Cindy Mizelle [b. Vocals: '00-'08, '11] Jim Pugh [Trombone: '00-'11] Roger Rosenberg [baritone Saxophone: '06-'11] Catherine Russell [b. Vocals: '08, '09, '11] Freddie Washington [bass: '06-'11] Walt Weiskopf [saxophone: '03-'11]
  9. Whoa.. that's a bit much but worth it. Where did you find the ticket price? I can't find one for London. Toronto is $38
  10. Shitty, I can't make it. Would have been nice to see ya again.
  11. OMG!! Are those things full of tiger's blood?!!?
  12. It all depends on who promotes the show and whether or not they think its financially feasible to pay for the temporary event license. I just emailed my contacts and told them I know 4 guys that will make it worth his while by spending large amounts on hooch. I'm SURE DBT wouldn't play a dry show. That just sounds ridiculous!
  13. Anyone hitting up the Toronto show on Friday? I'm looking to get a hotel room in the city that night. What's the best site for booking a cheap room downtown?
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