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  1. What was that song? It sounded really familiar but couldn't place it.
  2. The Replacements/Iggy & The Stooges at Riot Fest. So much energy and no kids/teens!! The Hold Steady @ TURF Field Trip Fest with Broken Social Scene, Feist, Hayden, Zeus.... HILLSIDE!! Houndmouth @ The Garrison
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    I have spent a lot of time, energy and Febreezeing to make a perfect looking beard. I will shave all of it off for Movember but I want donations. Every dollar counts. Let's put up some cash and let everyone know I have a double chin! If you're willing to make a (even small) donation let me know and this fucker will come off after Halloween. I need it on the 31st for free drinks. After that I will go face bald!
  4. I thought the same thing! I miss my lobster harmonica!
  5. maybe it was so huge it could be seen by the children in the orphanage miles away ... DAMN! I knew you were gonna get a dick joke up here before I could.
  6. WHOAAA! Every fest I've been to this summer has had insane beer prices. The worst being Riot Fest last weekend where you only had one beer option. $7 for a regular sized can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Ridiculous!
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    Sorry, thought this thread was about JayDawg.
  8. Agreed' date=' and well put. His credentials are beyond reproach. Seeing him with DBT still boggles my mind (in a good way). So awesome. [/quote'] fuckin' right!
  9. about as much as Jerry Garcia sitting in with The Arkells' date=' I imagine.[/quote'] hahahahahaaaa...
  10. I sure did. It was fun getting to hear all his funny songs I remembered as a kid... I think I would have missed his set over Neil & Crazy Horse though! I definitely wouldn't pay to see him even if it was across the street from me.
  11. Sharon, Lois and Bram would have been a more suitable choice to replace Neil & Crazy Horse IMO It's funny people are still trying to get face value for the tickets on kijiji
  12. So Emmylou Harris is headlining? They're not giving full refunds? This is a massive clusterfuck!
  13. If you wanna make some cash buy extras!
  14. Night 1 of the Toronto shows sold out a few days ago. The second night will likely sell out soon.
  15. I was really excited to see them this summer at TURF and they had a really terrible set. Maybe it was the weather or them just having an off day. That Saturday looks amazing, definitely going to give them another chance.
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