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    Every time I've tried to quit I go cold turkey. I can make it about 3 days and then I'm ready to kill someone.
  2. Jeff Mangum solo sold out two nights at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church. I definitely think it will sell out.
  3. Fuck yes, it's going to rock!!!
  4. Reunion show at Kook Haus - Jan. 19-20th Tickets should sell fast!
  5. Pokey was incredible. It was amazing seeing little kids and old folks all dancing to their set. Priceless.
  6. Can't wait to see 'em this afternoon. STAY AWAY RAIN!!!
  7. FUCK YES Pokey LaFarge!!! I can't wait to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy tonight!
  8. I really wish World Party and Diamond Rings' set didn't conflict.
  9. Akron/Family is on the Island Stage at that time. *phew*
  10. What shit luck they're having on this tour.
  11. So if someone I don't know gave me a lawn ticket (from Phish not TM) would they have been able to have the ticket cost refunded to them making the ticket useless?
  12. Yup.. read it over again and I did not say anything dickhead like to her. Maybe ask her if I insulted her. If I did I sure as hell didn't mean to.
  13. I didn't think I said anything rude to Sarah. I thought she was egging me on. Now I'm confused.
  14. I heard a different tale from several people so everyone blowing Jay Cleary for likely fucking the band for money they earned that he didn't as a "promoter" can eat it. What a hell of a promoter... get rich off the cancellation of a show. Ugghhh you make Don Henley look good. I'm glad folks had fun at BNB though, that's great. Hope you all bought the t-shirt!!! I'm sure you did because you're posting on this thread!
  15. Suck a little harder.. maybe you'll get a free NuFunk.ca presents BNB shirt! :surprise:
  16. Defend a dickhead all you like! That's your fuckin' problem. I appreciate what you do here but when you say "If you're not intersted... don't post." you're telling me I shouldn't post on shit. I'll post whatever I wanna post and if you don't like it than fuck you dude! I luv ya but don't tell me what to post and what not to post!
  17. Suck my dick! And lick my electrolytes until your mouth gets dry! You think that shirt looks cool than wear it! Defend a fucking thief and a crooked promoter. Lick my love pump!
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