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  1. I am intersted. jamhogan@hotmail.com
  2. misterh

    Powerful video

    that was terrible. and I don't get it.
  3. do I know you peipunk? it's JP... went to bluefield.
  4. nice one. teen dances at the North Star Arena were awesome.
  5. misterh

    Phish - Albany

    in for both nights. staying at the Holiday Inn Ex as well.
  6. was it just me or was there no bass during DBT? do they always turn the bass down so low, or was it the sound guy/venue? edit: I agree that the opener both sucked and blew
  7. misterh

    RC 8

    have fun everyone.
  8. looking to make one sale. I have some bites on all 4 as of now. I'll post up here if I am splitting them up. I am in Toronto. total on my CC is 252.19
  9. EDIT: Lots of interest shown yesterday as of now the tickets are no longer availible. If the sale falls through I will email those who contacted me yesterday. I have 4 tickets for sale for Albany Sat night. face + fees. jamhogan@hotmail.com if interested. I would love to sell them to another Canadian Phan.
  10. I have 4 extras for Albany on Saturday night for sale. jamhogan@hotmail.com if you are interested. face value + fees of course.
  11. can someone please sendspace/megaupload this? please.
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