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  1. So glad you made it, Mark! Yeah, we were super bummed about not going. Baj went to get his oil changed the morning before we left (we had everything packed and ready), and found out he had major issues with his truck. My car was already out of commission, so that wasn't an option. It was really devastating for us since we look forward to this festival from the minute the previous one ends.. But that means next year we will go all out! Glad to see a good time was had! We sure missed y'all!
  2. July 1-3 Grateful Fest Schedule: Thursday: Rumpke Mountain Boys Friday July 1st Boombox 12-2:00 Second Stage The Spike Drivers 2:00-3:45 Cornmeal 4:00-6:00 Second Stage David Gans 6:00-6:30 DSO 7:00-11:00 Saturday July 2nd Second Stage 11:00-12:30 Jim Miller Donna Jean 12:30-2:30 Second Stage: New Riders 2:45-5:00 Main Stage Railroad Earth 5:15 -7:10 Second Stage David Gans 7:10-7:40 DSO 7:40 - 11:00 Sunday July 3rd Second Stage 12:00-2:00 Folkadelic 2:00 - 3:45 Rusted Root Second Stage 3:45 - 5:15 JGB and Melvin Seals INTO Keller Williams 5:15-7:00 David Gans on Second Stage 7:00-7:30 DSO 7:30-11:00 See y'all soon!
  3. Yay, Joni! And I'm positive you're meat-filled fantasy of the return of the hot dog suit will come true.. We're so excited, and Little Sunshine is looking forward to her first Gratefulfest as well! We plan on arriving Wednesday to enjoy some pre-festival days as usual. Anyone else in? Kanada Kev? The Blurrys? I know Tigger and Becky will be there, but it'd be great to see some more Canadians!
  4. Fingers crossed for ya, Mark! Hope to see you there!! Anyone else in??? :relax: Can't wait to chill on the beach! 2 more weeks!
  5. From nlqp.com: LINE-UP!!! Friday: about 3pm with SpikeDrivers about 4:20 Cornmeal 8pm DSO Saturday: 10:30ish JiMiller Band Noonish Donna Jean Godchaux New Riders of the Purple Sage Railroad Earth Dark Star Orchestra (Skydivers at 8:00) more DSO! (Madness at setbreak!) Sunday: JGB Rusted Root Keller Williams DSO (skydivers at 8:00) (Fireworks at set break) Second stage will consist of- a lot more throughout the weekend! And lots of late night acoustic fun in the wee hours. whhheeewwwww!
  6. A month to go! Anyone else planning on making it now that we are a month away? And I guess 7 Walkers are out, there were schedule conflicts, but the good news is that DSO will likely be doing a Terrapin Nation soundcheck night on Thursday!
  7. Wow, if all these kids go, maybe we can pitch in and get a babysitter! Kanada Kev, whats your "manny" doing this year? Would love to see y'all there!!
  8. By the way, JGB and Rusted Root were added!
  9. Hell yeah, tigger!! Can't wait to see you and Becky there! It's been too long! P.s. Love you, miss you already, have fun raiding castles!!
  10. Not on nlqp.com, but on Dark Star's main page, they have Papa Mali and (drumroll....) CORNMEAL added! I'm so pumped for Cornmeal to be back! :dance: Also, nlqp changed it from 3 nights of DSO to 4 nights, then back to 3 for some reason, so maybe another sound-check night is in the works??? That would be pretty heady.. Will there be any Canadian Gfest survivors after Phish's big announcement? I know we really want to make Super Ball IX, but the Ledges is just a way better environment for a 10 month old, plus it's the LEDGES!
  11. A few more Gfest regulars added: Keller Williams Donna Jean Band Katz-n-jammers The Spikedrivers Klyph Black & Rumor Has It Of course fireworks, sky divers, clowns, fire performers and FUN! Mark, I hope to see you there this year, we are do for a dance-off! :dance:
  12. Also added, 7 Walkers featuring Bill Kreutzmann! This sure is shaping up to be an exciting one!! Yay Joni! I'm excited to see ya! I know where you'll be camped :crazy: And Little Sunshine is pumped for her first Gratefulfest outta the womb! (oh and she's more of a Little Baj )
  13. Yay! Railroad Earth will be there this year! So excited for that! Also announced a few Gratefulfest regulars: Boombox, New Riders, David Gans Really hope Camp Canada will be rockin' this year!
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