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  1. Bacon and cheddar stuffed mushrooms and jalapeno's Beef Croquettes(fried meaty dutch roll) Chicken tenders Cheese sticks PC Samosa's Holly's football shaped rice crispy squares
  2. we're having this tonight... http://mysticrock.blogspot.com/2010/11/keith-richards-bangers-mash-recipe-feat.html
  3. Thanks for all the kind wishes, I had a beautiful day.
  4. CatPhish

    Crock Pot

    I like bacon added that pan of sprouts. I just cut the sprouts in half though.
  5. CatPhish

    Azz Whoopin'

    I could guess that nobody ever talking to this kid created the problem.
  6. CatPhish

    Crock Pot

    just rubbed the turkey with a bit of olive oil mixed with thyme/salt/pepper/garlic cooked it until my meat thermometer said it was done( I think about 6-7 hours on low. I put a bit of chicken broth in the bottom of the pot but not much.
  7. CatPhish

    Crock Pot

    We did a turkey breast a couple of weeks ago and it was the juiciest turkey ever. broiled it for a couple minutes at the end just to get the skin crispy.
  8. During the month of October, the Hintonburger (991 Wellington Street West) will donate . 50¢ from every “Beau’s Burger†to Devonshire’s Playground Fund(Holly's school) The restaurant also plans to match the overall amount at month’s end! Eat up guys!
  9. nasty. No Carleton for me unfortunately, you'll have to share that tequila with someone else.
  10. whatcha all got for me? please
  11. They sell Bekings eggs at Sasloves and at Herb and Spice (they are 20 cents cheaper at H&S).
  12. I have read,that when babies are learning or have just learned a new skill, like walking for instance, they often awake during the night because their brains are on stimulation overload...it will pass.
  13. also if he is still having two naps it might be time to drop one.
  14. the Today's Parent website has a discussion board with a variety of advice/opinions. http://www.todaysparent.com/community/index.jsp My personal advice would be to keep a consistent bedtime routine(bath-snack-story-bed or whatever works for you guys). Then just ride it out for awhile. maybe a nightlight
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