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  1. They're gonna be at Nelson Ledges next weekend as part of the Akoostik Hooka festival, A few of us are gonna drive down on Friday, so if you have the time....
  2. Let's give it up for Carrie as she hits the bigs in her first roller derby TONIGHT here in Hamilton! Go get 'em 'Ankle Biter'! We loves ya! Time Today · 5:00pm - 10:00pm Location Hamilton (Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena) 25 Hester St Hamilton, ON
  3. wish I could, but I'm gonna support our own LIVINGSTONED as she kicks some a$$ at the roller derby in the hammer!
  4. Went down to the show, and yes the sound was a little muddy in back, but down front it got better. What a seriously beautiful room. I like TLG, but I also wonder whether the promoters are willing to give a little back to the folks who paid full price and didn't get what the wanted. The door price was seriously cheaper, so I hope maybe when CORNMEAL comes back maybe there's some love for the folks that paid full price for this half bill...
  5. Thanks Northern, Just read that myself. Can you say deflated? What a burn.
  6. Meh. I think Findley Quay is the one to get the most excited for.
  7. I am SO stoked about this show. Heard them for the first time at All Good, and they just simply melted my face. The set was only 4 songs, but every second of it was unfuckingbelievable! After the Old Crow show last night, a highway doob was in order, and I threw in the AG set and cranked 'er to 11. It was the best drive I've had in a long while. This band is a must, and really, $20 is isn't bad considering you get TLG as well... DOOOO IIIIT!
  8. Alabama Hightest was THE highlight of the night for me, just kicked 'er down and dragged 'er out! What an amazing show! The guys were on GD fire, and they just kept on givin' the standing, stomping crowd more and more till the frenzy was at a fever pitch! Well done OCMS, both All Good and TO were thoroughly rocked!
  9. LXQ42

    Can't Wait

    The tix are good lookin' too! Looking forward to the party!
  10. Leaving in a week! I'm getting pretty pumped for the summer adventures to begin!
  11. Have a great weekend birthday boy, and Let's have beers soon in the Hamland.
  12. And Moonalice too! Last years latenight blugrass was killer and Boombox was a lot of fun! Moonwalk it!
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