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  1. Went down to the show, and yes the sound was a little muddy in back, but down front it got better. What a seriously beautiful room. I like TLG, but I also wonder whether the promoters are willing to give a little back to the folks who paid full price and didn't get what the wanted. The door price was seriously cheaper, so I hope maybe when CORNMEAL comes back maybe there's some love for the folks that paid full price for this half bill...

  2. I am SO stoked about this show. Heard them for the first time at All Good, and they just simply melted my face. The set was only 4 songs, but every second of it was unfuckingbelievable!

    After the Old Crow show last night, a highway doob was in order, and I threw in the AG set and cranked 'er to 11. It was the best drive I've had in a long while. This band is a must, and really, $20 is isn't bad considering you get TLG as well...


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