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  1. If that's the case, we should do pre pint, get a nice buzz on for the game and be sober enough to travel home!
  2. We have GOT to all get together for that! Pre/post/hotel party? Hal, I still haven't got my tix in the mail...you?
  3. still got a buzz...but i started again...and fuck you
  4. Shelby also wanted to me to express her regrets on not being able to make it to the BNB show tonight in TO. She was totally looking forward to it, but no dice this time around...have fun y'all!
  5. A patch of ice in a parking lot on Christmas night felled our girl Sheebs and she ended up with two pins and a plate holding her right ankle together. Surgery went well, and she is expected to be home sometime today. Lets send some good vibes her way for a speedy recovery and high spirits! We love you Sheebs!
  6. Pogge just needs some seasoning, I think he will be a replacement for toskala. Hey, if Clemmenson is an NHL guy...with many more years..too bad pogge is average this year...
  7. Wait , no I'm thinking of the Jeanie C....good tune though
  8. Great tune! Isn't that a stan rogers tune? I wasn't there but stan has a tune.....
  9. I hope so, cuz that's exactly what i did....I used firefox already, but upgraded to the newest version....wow..paranoia will desroy ya....
  10. One name...Mark Messier.
  11. What a douche....stupid that he gets suspended for that, but what a ridiculous thing to say. The guys a fucking moron.
  12. Order in! Field level infield for all games....cost a bit, but worth it!
  13. Got my e-mail for presale. I can get strips, or tix to all games on tuesday!!
  14. Aww...beautiful! Way to go!
  15. Shit mamma and the family stump...
  16. Looking at the video, he obviously trped himself up, and the other guy took advantage of that..it happens..the guys not a fraud, but had a bad fight.
  17. I'm at the Comfort Inn in Newport News...same place Basher? I booked online, then called later in the day and it was confirmed. I booked for three people...2 queen beds.
  18. Exciting enough finish in Game 1 of the Phillies/Brewers series....
  19. Got a hotel that is 13 mins from the venue, and I can cancel up till 4pm on the first day of the stay....like I'll need that long. Anyone, check it out: the Comfort Inn in Newport News.
  20. Never mind....DUH.....order in! all 3 days...
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