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  1. Why the FUCK is it saying I have to have a U.S. Shipping address?
  2. Did our home # and cell #'s in under 5 minutes...just have to be patient, and if the page will not display, just go to the previous one and try again.
  3. Happy birthday man, rock on.
  4. The D-backs are in the National league..there will be no back biting.
  5. So, if Sundin IS going to go to the Rangers, who do you guys think would be a marquee player thayt the bud should try and get? Personally, I think they should have tried to get Ollie Jokinnen for McShite instead of VanRyn.
  6. I'm pretty sure the sure the saloon was holding her down! And beating her unmerciful!
  7. I especially like the Timothy Leary signed acid blotter sheet...framed of course.
  8. Yup! one of the best I've been to. The weather on Sat-mon was SUPER, and sooo many great bands and the BEST people!!!
  9. Happy 26th to the beautiful/talented/wicked lady we call Sheebs...I love you baby!
  10. The ol' WD 4 OH man...just spray it in there deep...
  11. Is that Sunseekers Jay? I heard GREAT things from the Fryballs about it. You guys rocked the fuck out!
  12. Read a freakin' book in the sunshine while drinking coffee....it's not rocket science.....unless you're reading a book about rocket science.
  13. Linc lives just down the street from us. We see him wizzing by on his red scooter every day or two..
  14. Is this a weekly kinda thing? Sheebs and I will be in Sauble next week and may be looking to hit up some music whilst we're there...
  15. I got free tix from Rogers as a gift for using their service sec.131 45 yard line...sweet
  16. Hahaha...that's pretty funny.
  17. I wish they had kept Whitt on the coaching staff when Cito came in.
  18. Oh, I'm freakin' excited! The guy's such a powerful performer! Can't wait for the Hamilton show!
  19. I completely agree AD. Carter has done the biggest things in TO, so he wins, but Tom Henke was The Terminator. One of the best closers in the history of MLB, and an overwhelming shut-down artist. And Barfield was another big bat, but also the connon from left field. Triples were denied with Jesse out there.
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