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    ambulance rides?

    We drove out there, and the cost of gas, food, smokes and coffee for the trip there and back didn't even come close to the cost of this 15 min. ambulance ride....
  2. Baseball Diving Rowing Kayak/Canoeing Track and Field And pretty much any final that there is a Canadian involved
  3. ((((Job vibes to you))))
  4. They were biggin' him up on 590 tonight. Only blown 3 saves, 1 strikout per inning, etc...makes me wonder if he just needs time to get into form...let's face it, the Jays can afford to wait a season. I had high hopes for the guy coming back early from surgery, but it was too soon to be the hero we wanted. I say one more year, if I'm wrong , and he's just lost it, bye bye. But he could be the Tom Henke of the 21st Century for us....
  5. A labotomy....I'd rather have a bottle in front of me..
  6. I've heard amazing things about the movie, but that is the best compliment for the style of this flick that I've heard.
  7. So Evolve was short one wicked performer this past weekend, when THAT ONE GUY had his instument and other gear stolen out of his car while stopping over in Montreal PQ. This instument was homemade, and very hard to reproduce. It is his livleyhood, and I feel so terrible for him to have it taken. Here is a list I found of the stuff that was taken. Man this sucks.
  8. LXQ42

    Bob Sagat Roast

    This roast is going to be epic....wait, not epic...LEGENDARY! Sagat is such a crude beautiful human being, that the roasting team will drop the bar to your ankles, and tell you to cram it! Can't wait!!
  9. LXQ42

    Happy Birthday 'ersh!

    A little late, but happy birthday man!
  10. I'' be there! Just saw Rory spinning at Evolve for a few nights, and it was sweet!
  11. Just checked it out, and it looks great! 20% chance of rain all weekend!! We outta here...I got your # Hickster, I'll call ya, and Jay...we shall dance!!! WHOOOO!!!
  12. Here's to hoping we can at least get set up in dry weather! other than that, we'll give'er no matter....
  13. Hey Jay! look for us! we need to have a few!
  14. We're camping near fredericton on thursday night, then hittin' the fest on friday morning!! I'll keep an eye out for the messy hickster! mmmmm....spicy chameleon....can't wait!
  15. Look for the Toronto Maple Leaf Canadian flag and you'll find us! Leaving latenight wed....so pumped!
  16. Right on! Good on ya, CP! Looking forward to seeing you guys at Evolve!
  17. Sheebs and I will be there for the first time this year! Looking forward to it so much! Can't wait to see some of you skanks!
  18. Happy Birthday Mike! See you on Friday!
  19. Happy Birthday Mark! Many, many happy returns!
  20. Happy birthday Schwaster!
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