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  1. Tiger by 1...might be 2 soon though...7th hole
  2. Gibby'e biggest mistake yesterday was pulling Carlson, who came in releif of Litch, striking out the first batter he faced, after his one out with runners on 1st and 3rd, putting Camp in, who proceeded to give the Cubs another 4 runs, putting the game out of reach.
  3. Pretty entertaining playoff so far. See Mediate's near hole-in-one? I want him to steal it from Tiger. Then again, I always root for the underdog. He's just so likeable!
  4. Happy Father's Day to all you dads!!
  5. Caution Cruise '07 i mean...sorry to confuse you bro...
  6. You seemed to do just fine on the Caution Cruise Schwa....
  7. Edit to the tour schedule for June 20 - the name of the town is Windermere, not Invermere. They are playing Invermere tonight(June 12) and the Hoodoo Lounge in WINDERMERE on June 20. that is all. Newrider. If THAT is YOUR real name...
  8. Me and my friends didn't exactly confirm that we'll be there. Even if we have to deal with you Aaron, at least Corin and Sean will keep their shit together. Good times!
  9. In the age we are in, with music practically free, Bands are making less money from record sales. Not only do they NEED to tour to make money without a day job, the onus is put on them to present a kick ass show. That's what people are paying for. they want to see a live performance of the song they stole off the internet played live by the band they just paid 40 bucks to see. It used to be, that bands would tour to promote thier album, nowadays albums are the hook to get people out to see em.
  10. Weird to even think of an overall #1 as garbage eh?
  11. TJ and Maceo Bastan to Portland for Greg Oden and Brandan Roy....pretty sweet.
  12. Screw you Ed....oh, and happy birthday.
  13. Fuck London and take the train across to AMSTERDAM!
  14. I tried TJ Bargnani and Kris Humphries for Dalembert...Would be a great trade...
  15. Get there early and sit in Windows restaraunt...you might pay the same to be there for the game, but you get more food and beer.
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