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  1. ew Stephen Harper is creep not sexy at all.
  2. hahaha meant sexist No I get the other rebates because I sat at the computer got his B.C and filled all the forms.
  3. So my partner and I got our HST cheque today and it is in his name. Which makes no sense since I am the one that gets our other rebates. It is my understanding it auto matically goes to the father and I cannot find any other reason for this then that he is the male. It pisses me off if this is the case anyone know anything about this?
  4. Anyboby now of a good honest mechanic in Hamilton? Thanks
  5. Anybody know of any cool places to stay/stop on the way to montreal. Our room isn't ready till sunday and we have no plans Saturday so thought I would see if the is anywhere cool along the way. If not Ottawa for the night it is.
  6. Hey Margret I am not a real estate agent but would love to keep my eyes open for you. I used my aunt but she is in Toront so no use to you. Also Check out the east or west end Center can be really scetchy (not in a good way).
  7. 1) When are the Sadies playing I thought it was Sat but in the View it says Fri? 2) I thought the Fat Cats were playing Sat at Pepper Jacks but it is not in the View? The problem may be reading the view.
  8. I think it is a pretty big deal. I much prefer his country stuff then assjack.But would be trilled to see him at Zaphod's.
  9. I nearly fell off my chair. That would have been kick ass. I am pretty sure he can't get in to Canada.
  10. I crossed over the border in Sault St marie with my DL only in July and I had no problems, he did give me a little speech and a pamphlet on the new laws for 2009. It is a very small boarder crossing however.
  11. I think that he lost his rights to privacy when he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault however it scary because when anyone loses rights it puts all of our rights at risk
  12. Erin and I are heading there at the end of the month it is the one place we plan to stop.Erin is doing an internship in Colorado so we are going to drive up. I am getting so excited.
  13. I actually went and saw them a month ago. They still got it!
  14. Mango


    Thanks I called a bunch of places no luck. Home Depot did not think of that.
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