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  1. Anyone have a pair for Friday's show at Massey? Looking for floors or at the very least good, non-obstructed seats. Lemme know!
  2. Selling a pair of Phish tix for cheap - section 302. $30 / ticket for the Toronto show on Tues. Tickets are hard copy from the Phish ticketing site, just got them in the mail the other day. Holler if you're interested!
  3. As long as you're in the downtown car (i.e. west to Roncy, south of Bloor, east to the DVP, south to the water - you'll be able to get a pickup from UBER
  4. Hey everybody, UBER is providing free rides this Saturday to Field Trip music festival. You can also win pretty awesome prizes during your ride to the festival. Check out this blog post for all the details: http://blog.uber.com/2013/06/02/fieldtriproadtrip/
  5. Jay, thanks for the detail. You would know better than most for this kind of thing. Maybe they'd do a hometown MTL show. Most of us CDN fans just can't make the mission out to NYC, SF or Boston for the 1 or 2 shows they *might* play. As for that new album, I don't foresee it coming out anytime soon. I think we can expect a new Barr Bros album probably after the summer, and some festival appearances from the Bros, but nothing Slip-related for a long, long time.
  6. I think it costs like $5k to get BAM to play a Slip show these days. I believe that's what it cost to get them to play Brooklyn Bowl the other summer. Anyone wanna make this happen? With their new found Barr Bros stardom, you could probably fill The Garrison or The Drake Hotel for a Slip show I bet.
  7. This looks awesome. Who else is playing in the band? Heard it's a collective of The Stills/BSS/etc....who exactly?
  8. Bring The Slip back to Toronto! Make them an offer they can't refuse ala Pete Shapiro with Brooklyn Bowl last summer!
  9. hey does anyone have 2 extras or a pair they're looking to get rid of for Alabama Shakes at Lee's Palace tonight? would be much appreciated!!!
  10. I've taken new, first time listeners to every toronto barr bros show i've seen and each time they're all blown away. with the slip, none of my friends ever seem to 'get it'. not the case with the barr brothers. my friends were all commenting on how amazing the lyrics were (the new song 'i know i know' for example has unbelievable lyrics' and then by the time brad and co have played every weird unknown instrument, torn apart blues and played perfect folk, my friends have simply been stunned and amazed at how good of a show they've witnessed. their live show gets better and better and brad has finally found his voice. these guys deserve to be selling out every show they play. they're without a doubt the most exciting touring band right now i think.
  11. yah it was pretty crazy! considering last year I saw them play in the Dakota Tavern to like 30 people. but every show they've done in toronto has been more and more packed. thursday night was probably their best performance in the city, glad so many people are starting to recognize them.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm reached that point where I feel like I need to totally wipe clean my iPod and start with some fresh music from 2012. I've already got: Dr. Dog - Be The Void Howlin Rain - The Russian Wilds The Darcys - AJA I could use a lot more recommendations. Thanks!
  13. Live vide of the Barr Bros at the Grand Canyon http://artistmixtapes.com/2012/02/08/video-the-barr-brothers-beggar-in-the-morning-live-from-the-grand-canyon/
  14. Little Scream is confirmed http://collectiveconcerts.ca/index.php?mode=detailedView&concertID=1915 Their live show is awesome, definitely worth checking out (saw them open for The Antlers)
  15. Awesome show. Review and video for those who missed it: http://artistmixtapes.com/2012/01/23/review-real-estate-live-at-lees-palace/
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